10 Random Facts About Me

Since we’re in the thick of winter and there seems like there’s no warm temps in sight, I thought I would freshen things up with a 10 random facts about me post. I’ve done these on Instagram, but I don’t know if I’ve shared here.

Madewell sweater xxs, Topshop coat petite 0 (old, similar), Madewell jeans 24 (DIY rips), Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots 4.5 (old, similar), Staud Shirley mini bag in brown, Ray-Ban silver mirrored round sunglasses

  1. I’ve never been pulled over or gotten a ticket (parking tickets don’t count. I lived in San Francisco, I had more than you could imagine).
  2. I majored in Business Marketing, but if I could do it all over again, I would do something in graphic design, photography, or holistic nutrition.
  3. Red wine is my drink of choice – pinot noir or some Italian wine.
  4. I scare easily – I ask Mike to vocalize his presence when he walks in the room and my back is to the door. I’ve screamed so many times when I turn around and he’s standing there. I also HATE scary movies or shows. I refuse to watch.
  5. I was able to collect unemployment when I left my last “real” job, which helped me sustain life in order to start Crystalin Marie (formerly In the City with Crystalin). Probably one of the biggest blessing  on my journey.
  6. I have a strong sense of smell – it’s a blessing and a curse. I can pin point where you’ve been and what you’ve eaten the second you walk in the door. There’s been many situations I wish I didn’t though – if you know what I mean. Being able to smell people’s body odor has to be the worst.
  7.  I have a fear of needles/blood/wounds – Honestly, I can’t believe I got through my pregnancy and giving birth. You’d think I would have conquered my fear with how many times you get pricked, but nope, still SO scared. I can’t watch when Harper gets her shots.
  8. I’m a toilet paper roll down kinda person. It’s like another language when I’m out or at someone’s house and the roll is up.
  9. I watch Sports Center every night before bed. I know many females loathe SC (because of their husbands/boyfriends), but I grew up on it and I’m a HUGE sports fan, so it’s my happy place.
  10. I sleep fully clothed and sometimes even with a sweatshirt (never socks). It drives Mike nuts. He’s a heater, so he doesn’t get how I can sleep with so many layers. I sleep with less in the summer, but I still need the covers on me.