30 Days of Outfits – September

30 days of real outfits from September are here! The month of September in Oregon is always a little tough when it comes to getting dressed. It’s pretty hot, but you’re mentally ready for fall. You’ve already started shopping for layers and you want to wear them, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Anyone else feel this? We got lucky with a really fantastic September, so no complaints from me. Our winters are LOOOONG, so if summer wants to go all the way into October, it’s fine by me. 

How are you guys liking this series? I always love seeing what other people wear in their day-to-day, so I figure, this could also be super helpful for you. I’m also enjoying it because I’m actually wearing my clothes. I am noticing a trend… I think my quarantine uniform is joggers, a sweatshirt, and Golden Goose sneakers. It’s the perfect outfit that’s comfy and pulled together for home, but I can run out of the house in it as well.  All I have to do is add a coat and beanie for fall/winter!

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