30 Days of Outfits – August

I mentioned I wanted to start getting “dressed” everyday on Stories and I received a huge response from you guys. Well, I did it, although I only got to 25 outfits. Honestly, I’ll take 25 out of 30 because I was only getting dressed about 5 out of 30 days before.

I’ve been working for myself at home for about 7 years now and I’ve always been super lazy about getting dressed for the day. Yes, I would get dressed once I would head out of the house – to run errands, shoot content, head to lunch, meet up with friends or family, or attend work meetings – but that wasn’t everyday or every week by any means. I’m also not the type of person who’s “more productive” when I get ready. I would try to get dressed everyday in the past, thinking I need to get out of these dingy loungewear clothes I’ve been wearing all week, but could never stick to it. But, now that were in month 7 or so of COVID, I needed to get out of my not-cute, wear-everyday loungewear. I needed something different, I needed to feel like myself again. I needed to start wearing my clothes again.

I should also mention, 30 days of Real Outfits are just that, real. I’m not wearing jeans or makeup everyday. I’m making the intentional decision to get ready for the day – whatever that means. Some days it’s cuter loungewear and really good skincare products and other days it’s jeans, a cute top, and makeup.

I went from not thinking about what I was going to wear everyday, thinking it was a hassle, to having so much fun with putting together more real outfits you’re surprisingly loving. The added bonus, I’m getting more wear out of all my clothes that have been neglected all year. I’ve enjoyed putting this post together so much, I’m making an attempt to make this a recurring monthly post, yay!

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