5 Easy Steps to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

5 Easy Steps to Transition for Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Summer Favorites: dress // shorts // white jeans // heeled sandals // off the shoulder top

Fall Essentials: green jacket // bootie // denim jacket // blazer // skinny jeans

Transitional Looks: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Dressing during the summer to fall transition can be hard. Not only is the weather still warm come September, but you’re not ready to give up your favorite summer pieces. Well, today I’m sharing 5 easy tips to help take some of those favorite summer pieces and make them work for fall.

1. Add a layer or two – Continue to wear your favorite summer dress or top by adding a blazer, jacket, or vest. Layering might be the easiest trick to transition just about any summer piece.

2. Swap sandals for booties – When in doubt, add booties. Boots and booties are a fall staple, so anytime you’re reaching for those summer favorites, rather than slipping on sandals, pair them with boots.

3. Embrace denim – Summer favorites are bound to look fall worthy with a touch of denim. Think denim jacket, vest, chambray, or skirt. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

4. Reach for richer tones – All your whites will start looking fall appropriate once you start pairing them with richer tones. Reach for blacks, dark grays, navy, or deep red tones.

5. Wear it with jeans – Still want to wear your summer go-to flat sandals or off-the-shoulder tops. Pair them with jeans to keep from looking like you’re headed to the beach.

This transitional phase is actually one of my favorite times of year for getting dressed. You get the opportunity to mix and match so many different things in your closet. Think blazers with shorts, sweaters with shorts, shorts with booties, dresses with jackets, and not to mention textures. It used to be a huge no, no to mix trends from different seasons, but as with most rules in fashion, I think we’ve done away with it. Pairing unexpected pieces (a blazer with shorts) brings an element of surprise to your look which can be a great way to make a look unique to you. You can see how I’ve already started transitioning here and here.

And just like that, getting dressed during this transitional phase just got easier! I’d love to hear how you take your summer favorites and make them work for fall.