Baby #2 Gender Reveal: It’s a …


I’m still in shock as I type this out. With Harper we didn’t wait to do a gender reveal, we got our results at about 12 week during one of our doctors appointments. I wanted to know right away. This time around, it was a little different. This being our second time around and having Harper, I thought it would be fun to reveal it all together, to be surprised. Someone asked me, “are you bursting at the seams to know the gender of baby #2?” My reply, I’ve had the results in my email for 2 weeks now, so I guess I’m not that eager, lol. This time around it’s all very different. We’re just busy living our life – working, doing life with a toddler, you know?

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Both Mike and I were in shock when we saw the blue smoke. I don’t think either of us spent a lot of time thinking about the gender of baby #2. I know that sounds weird… we’ve just been so preoccupied. There’s been many moments (post-1st trimester) where I’ve even forgotten that I’m pregnant. I’m telling you, round 2 is just SO different. So, we were genuinely surprised and emotional about it all. Mike semi-seriously, semi-jokes, that he had a feeling it was a boy because of our last ultrasound. Baby boy was very active, moving his arms and legs back and forth and at that stage in our pregnancy, Harper never did that. 

Ever since I knew I wanted a family, which was only around when we got married, I always wanted 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 1 of each. But after having Harper, I thought I’d actually prefer 2 girls. Sisters, best friends, reusing all of Harper’s toys/clothes, almost knowing what to expect. Girls are just so precious and sweet. On the other hand, I knew, as part of our journey, a boy was in the cards for us. I’m a big believer in co-creating with the universe, that things in life happen for you not to you. I didn’t grow up with a great relationship with my mother, so I just had this feeling that as a way of it all coming full circle, I would get that chance to have a relationship, but as a mother to a daughter. I would be able to take from my experience, the pain, the healing, the growth, and bring it to this new relationship. And I got just that and it’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me. This time around, I felt Mike was going to get this same opportunity. He didn’t grow up with his dad in his life and now he gets the chance to experience this relationship, but as a father to a son. It’s all very beautiful and feels complete for our story and journey. 

As much as I’m excited, I’ve also had those “omg, boys are so different” feelings. How does it all work with the penis? Will I love him as much as Harper? Is he going to come out huge? Are boys really that wild? I’m sure everything I’m feeling is very normal. Harper has been a dream child, so I guess it’s just the fear of the unknown. 

Luckily, I don’t have a lot of time to spend thinking about all the things, lol. It’s almost a blessing the 2nd go around. Work, life, and parenting trump all, so most of my time is spent not thinking or worrying about baby #2. I’ll save that for later on, lol. Overall, we’re excited! We even have his name picked out, already (won’t share until he’s born, though).

Can gender reveals be cheesy and over done, yes. Did I ever think I would do a gender reveal, no. But, after experiencing it, I can honestly say, that was the best surprise I’ve ever experienced. If you’re on the fence, 100% go for it! We are all super excited and feeling so blessed. And now, bring on the boy shopping!