Baby Finds + Nursery Update

The nursery has been consuming me, so I figured I’d give you an update. I’ve also been finding a ton of awesome baby/kids boutiques that I’m obsessing over, that I need to share with you. I never in a million years thought I would be so into baby things. Man have things changed. I’m more excited to shop/receive packages in the mail for Baby D than I am of my own things. While it may not appear so (baby clothes overload), I am trying to limit myself. I know babies grow out of things really fast and everything gets stained, etc., so I totally get it. Clothes may be my weakness, but I will say, I’m keeping everything else very minimal. I printed out several registry checklists/baby essential lists to make sure I’m getting all the must-haves (as in you couldn’t survive without them), but waiting/passing on some of the extras. We’re sticking to a couple wood toys, 1 doll/stuffed animal, and not overdoing it with blankets and frilly things. We don’t like clutter in this house, so that’s been a big help it not going overboard.

H&M kimono onesies

H&M kimono onesies

Ikea wood round mirror
Neutral baby clothes for a girl

Ikea mirror, West Elm dresser // Gray Label striped onesie, Zara dress

graphic onsies and tees for baby

The Bee and the Fox Baby Bird tee, L’oved Baby kimono onesie, Sparrow Designs BeBe onesie

Babyletto hudson crib
Gathre mat

Babyletto Hudson crib, Hazel Village Juliette doll, Loom Goods mud cloth pillow, Target triangle pillow (old) // Gathre mat

Fiddle leaf fig plant in west elm planter

West Elm planter (tall)

Hazel Village juliette bunny
Nuetral modern nursery inspiration

Honest baby products

Honest Company Baby Arrival Gift Set

Neutral baby clothes
Lu and Milk baby teethers

H&M footed leggings // Lu & Milk teethers

Baby D neutral closet

Baby D’s Nursery Progress

Mike keeps saying the nursery is turning into the best designed room in the house, lol. I still really love our master bedroom, but I totally see what he’s talking about. First of all this room has had a total makeover. We took down the dark shades and painted the room, which has made the biggest difference. I used to think it was the darkest room in the house, but clearly, it just needed some TLC. It still blows my mind what a little work and decor can do to a room. For the most part, I would say the big pieces have been purchased for the nursery. We bought a rug we loved, but were actually going to replace it. After ordering it I realized it was made with very toxic materials (and was giving off a bad odor). We love the way the West Elm modern dresser and Babyletto Hudson crib look together- very modern. We just picked up the Ikea Stockholm round wood mirror and I couldn’t be happier with how it looks in the room. We’re still trying out different drapes and waiting on backordered curtain rods (we’ll also be installing blackout shades). The rocker has been the toughest to nail down. I love this one, but the back seems super short for Mike. I’ll keep you posted on what we end up getting. And finally, I’ve been struggling with how to style the crib wall. The crib will be off-centered with the rocker to it’s right. I want to put something over the crib as well as over the rocker, but I’ve never treated one wall as two separate areas (if that makes sense). Usually a big item is centered to the wall and then I center art, etc. over it. I’m usually a very balanced person, I need symmetry, but I guess I’ll have to experience something new this go around.

Baby Finds

In terms of baby finds, I feel like I’m getting into my groove. You go from not knowing anything to spending countless hours searching Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram has really been my life saver. Not only have I found amazing little kid boutiques, but I’ve also found really cute moms to follow as well. Below are some of the places I’ve been shopping lately (pieces you see in the photos). I have a ton more to share, but will do so in a resource page of sorts in a few weeks. I’ll have all my favorite baby boutiques, Instagram accounts, and resources to Baby D’s nursery all in one place.

If you have any shops you love, I’d love to hear about them.

Cute Baby Boutiques and Stores

Gathre – Durable mats that can be used for just about anything. Come in a multiple of sizes. I have a bunch of these on my registry.

Lu & Milk – the cutest teethers on the planet. Gray, marble, and wood!

Noble Carriage – One of a kind, high quality clothes, toys, and nursery decor items.

Burt’s Bees Baby –  More baby neutrals. A ton of gray options. Organic soft pieces.

Zara Baby – Great trendy neutrals.

Gap – Awesome basics, love all the organic options.

H&M – Another place for great neutrals. Also love their conscious collection.

Minted Method Shop – Unique, trendy pieces. Fun graphic tees and onesies.

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