Happiest Baby Snoo Bassinet Review

Happiest Baby SNOO review

This post has been long overdue and I want to apologize to anyone waiting for it before purchasing. I wanted to make sure we had our full experience with it as well as enough time to sit down and write it all out. I know you guys really want to know everything there is to know about this bassinet, so here it goes.

Happiest Baby Snoo

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snoo bassinet review

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SNOO From Happiest Baby

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The first thing that attracted me to the SNOO was the design. I’m such a design person, so it was hard to resist the mid-century modern look. And honestly, there’s nothing else like it out on the market. After doing more research about the bassinet, I realized it could be a life saver. As first time parents, the unknown is so scary and when there’s a product out there that could possibly save your sanity and sleep, you’re definitely more intrigued. I also reached out to a blogger friend who used it and she said it definitely works and she’d recommend it.

We bought it on sale and the second it arrived, I fell in love. The design is beautiful, sleek, and modern. It comes with the SNOO sleep sack in 3 sizes and 1 mattress sheet. For those unfamiliar, the SNOO smart sleeper is a responsive bassinet that boosts sleep for babies and parents. The bassinet automatically responds to babies needs with increasing levels of white noise and motion to quickly soothe fussing. Essentially, it’s supposed to do the rocking and soothing for you. And who doesn’t want that in the middle of the night? Intriguing, right?

Our Experience

First up, the logistics. I would highly recommend setting up the SNOO with the app right away. We waited until Harper was home to do this and it wasn’t that smooth sailing. New parents and no sleep made us a little frantic, but we figured it out. The app allows you to control the settings on your phone, no matter where you’re at in the house. The other thing we didn’t realize was the bassinet rocks at all times. We thought it would turn on only when the baby started fussing. We were thrown off by that a bit and a little startled with how fast the highest level rocked. At level 4, when baby is full on crying, the bassinet seemed to jostled her around so much. I was a little bit scared and thought we might have had a malfunctioned product. We didn’t, I think we needed to get used to all the rocking. I will say, at first with a tiny baby the different levels seem extreme, but once baby gets a little older (more weight to them and more stability) the rocking isn’t bad at all. The SNOO sleep sack was also a game changer. We tried many different swaddles (for outside the bassinet) and ended up using this one even when she slept outside of the SNOO. The bassinet only turns on when the sleep sack is hooked onto the safety clips. I also loved the one click turn on and off. No fuss and super easy. Also something I learned later on, you can hold down the on/off button to increase the rocking levels even if maybe isn’t fussy. If you end up using the SNOO regularly, you’re going to want to invest in 2-3 extra mattress sheets. Baby spit up is real when they’re super young, so having backups are a must. Lastly, if white noise is not your thing (parents), you may need ear plugs (because it’s on all night). I wasn’t able to sleep as well with the noise of the bassinet, so I ended up using ear plugs. It drowned out the white noise, but I was still able to hear if Harper cried (and Mike was there, so we were safe).

We used the SNOO from the day we got home from the hospital until around 4 months. We first started out using it for naps and bedtime. Bedtime was a success, naps were not. If she was going to cry, it didn’t matter how well the bassinet rocked, she was going to cry. We eventually moved her to her crib in her nursery for naps, which worked for us. This was awesome for many reasons. She wasn’t napping in our room all day, which meant we could freely go in our room throughout the day . She got used to sleeping in her room in her crib, which made our transition really easy (down the road), and she was never dependent on the SNOO. I’m obviously not an expert, but I would highly recommend doing naps in the crib and bedtime in the bassinet (if baby allows it), no matter what bassinet you have. For most of Harper’s time sleeping in the SNOO, we only used it for bedtime and it definitely worked for us. With that being said, if Harper was going to full on cry (for various reasons), the SNOO DID NOT rock her back to sleep. If she woke up in the middle of the night (sleep transitions), the SNOO would help her fall back asleep without us having to get up. We don’t have anything to compare the SNOO to, so it’s hard to say if the bassinet was worth it for us. We say yes, but it’s almost like we need to try a normal bassinet with baby number 2 (whenever that is), in order to compare. Harper was/is a good sleeper in general, so we don’t know how well the SNOO helped us. There’s so many things to it, haha. I know other reviews and readers have said it was the best investment they made.

Would you use it again?

I was just talking to Mike about this. Now that we’re experienced parents (in the sleeping department), I don’t think we would use this again for baby number 2. I had the intentions of using the SNOO up until 6 months with Harper, to really get our money’s worth, and only ended up using it until 4 months. For baby number 2, I would try to get them in their own room as quick as possible, meaning out of the bassinet as soon as possible. I know they say to keep baby in your room until 6 months to avoid SIDS, but there wasn’t anything different we did with Harper in our room versus in her room. And once we made the transition at night, it was a game changer for everyone. We slept better and so did she. I say no SNOO for baby 2 now, but who knows, I might totally regret it.

Worth it?

As first time parents, I would say it was worth it to us. But moving forward, now that we have experience, we would pass on it for baby number 2.


  • Get 2-3 extra mattress sheets.
  • Sync the SNOO to the app right away.
  • Once the baby is calm, you can turn down the levels on the app.
  • The transition mode turns on white noise, but doesn’t rock. It only starts to rock if baby gets fussy – I wish I would have known about this early on. I may have started with it from the get go.
  • They now have the SNOO Sack without the flaps for non-bassient use. Best swaddles I’ve tried!


Was it hard to transition out of the SNOO?

No! We used the crib for her naps, so she was already used to crib. When we began to transition her out of the SNOO for bedtime, we used the transition mode which only turns on if baby fusses.We only did this for a couple of nights before she was off to her own crib.

How long did she use it?

From birth until just after 4 months.

Was it worth the investment?

As first time parents, yes.

Did you solely use the SNOO or a combo of crib and SNOO?

SNOO at night, and crib for naps.

When did you start using it?

The day we brought her home from the hospital.

Is it comfy?

Seems like it!

Did you travel at all during the first 6 months with her and have any issues when she was sleeping away from the SNOO?

We did not. If we traveled when Harper was still in her SNOO, I would have been nervous about bedtime. With that being said, it wouldn’t have stopped me because in general she’s a good sleeper. I think she would have been okay.