Winter Wear: My 3 Must-Have Winter Layers

Look 1: Majestic Filatures turtleneck, Bernardo puffer vest, Rag & Bone jeans, Vince booties (old, similar), Asos beanie (similar), Von Holzhausen satchel (similar), Ray-Ban black aviators //  Look 2: J.Crew turtleneck (old, similar), Bernardo puffer jacket, Rag & Bone plush legging jeans, Nordstrom cashmere scarf, Vince booties (old, similar), J.Crew tote (old, similar), Ray-Ban original aviators // Look 3: J.Crew turtleneck, Banana Republic jeans (old, similar), Hunter Tour boots, Ellen Tracy short trench coat, Shevoke sunglasses (similar)













When I first moved to Oregon I didn’t own a puffer coat, rain coat, heck, I didn’t own any type of heavy duty coat. As you can imagine, things have changed. I have an entire closet dedicated to outerwear, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m such a sucker for a good fitting coat, they can really take your look up a notch. I haven’t had the easiest time finding petite-friendly options, but I’m slowly learning to snatch up anything that becomes available as fast as possible. A girl’s gotta survive out here lol. It also just seems like everything in petite sizes are sold out right now or there’s just limited styles and options. Anyone else feel like this?

The funny thing I’ve realized about living in a cold climate – you need a jacket or coat for every type of situation. It’s not one type fits all. One of the major things you have to think about when bundling up, you may be freezing leaving the house (and getting into the car), but once you arrive at your destination (restaurant, coffee shop, mall, etc.), it’s so warm you have to slough all your layers and now you have to carry them around. You’ll find a lot of people go the lighter route and will opt for a simple coat and beanie. While I’m always cold, I’ve noticed lately I’ve been in situations like this and I’m sweating my butt off. Add a hot coffee and it’s game over.

On the days it’s 30 degrees and below, I’m definitely bundled up in one of my heavy duty puffer coats, but for warmer more bearable temps, I like to stick to my lighter layers. I recently found some petite-friendly options at Nordstrom that I think you’ll love.

  1. Bernardo Down & PrimaLoft Reversible Vest – A light layer for those mild days. I love how versatile a puffer vest can be. You can go sporty, casual, or even dress them up a bit with a heeled bootie like I did. You can even add warmth with a thick sweater. This one from Bernardo is reversible and the sizing is spot on. I’m wearing a petite xs. As I’m sure any of you who live in a wet climate can appreciate, the hood on this vest is everything.
  2. Bernardo Packable Down & PrimaLoft Fill Hooded Jacket – Another great layer for more milder days. It’s a light jacket, but it does keep you pretty warm. After wearing and loving this puffer jacket from Bernardo, I knew I had to give this hooded option a try. While I probably didn’t need another black puffer jacket in my closet, I love the simple structure, amazing fit, and hood. Couldn’t recommend it more!
  3. Ellen Tracy Techno Short Trench Coat – Since it rains so much here, it’s nice to have a layer you can throw on top of a cute outfit that keeps you from getting wet. This jacket is not technically a raincoat, but it’s water-resistant and for me, it does the trick. It’s a lot more roomier than the jackets mention above, but it allows for thicker layers underneath. For those of you interested, know it is a fairly thin jacket. I would by no means buy this for warmth, but again it’s great to throw over your outfit to protect you from the rain.

If you have any petite-friendly jackets or coats you swear by, I’d love to hear about them!

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Created in collaboration with Nordstrom