Branching Out

Aritzia tee // J.Crew patina denim jacket // H&M skirt // Vince celeste pumps // Asos clutch

Photos by Christine Sargologos

I will always be a denim girl, but I’ve recently had the urge to branch out a little (away from just jeans). I’ve never been big on dresses or skirts because a. I don’t feel comfortable in them and b. they always make me feel overly feminine (which we all know is so not me). However, over this last month I’ve realized it’s not necessarily about the skirt or the dress being feminine, rather, it’s all about how you wear it and what you wear it with. I’ve seen so many street style photos of women wearing a dress or a skirt and she still looks super casual and laid back. They stay true to who they are, but still rock feminine silhouettes without looking overly girly. So I guess you can say, I’m challenging myself to do the same and to step outside of my comfort zone at times.

I kick off my challenge by easing into things with a simple black skirt, neutrals, and my trusty denim jacket. For me, a denim jacket will always help make an outfit more laid back and balance out any feminine silhouettes. Hey,  branching out doesn’t mean I have to completely let the denim thing go, right?