Closet Staples 3 Ways: Black Skinny Jeans

ONE: chambray // black satchel // utility jacket // hat // sandals //ripped jeans // TWO: denim jacket // striped tee // black jeans // leopard belt // ballet flats // shoulder bag // THREE: linen shirt // ring //  belt // trench coat // leopard pumps // sunglasses // clutch

The other day my girlfriend mentioned she bought a chambray shirt for her and her husband because of ITCWC. Honestly, I was shocked because I forget how influential a blog can be, let alone mine, but was thrilled at the same time (I mean we all need a chambray in our life!). In that same day, she and another reader asked if I could start doing a series on the blog that features different pieces styled multiple ways. Yes, she bought a chambray, but now she was curious to know how to style it.

This brings me to my newest series, Closet Staples 3 Ways. I will take some of my favorite pieces and closet staples (ones we already own) and show you how I would style/wear them. I’m also going to take reader submissions (thanks Kay for the idea). If you have a piece in your closet you find difficult to style or only know of one way to wear it, send me an email and I will work my styling skills.

I kinda did a similar series a while back (focusing on more trendy pieces), but it faded out because these are actually a lot of work. I wasn’t sure it was worth it. But, since this series focuses more on closet staples, I think it will be more meaningful and useful for all of us. What do you think, do you find these types of post helpful? I would love to hear your thoughts!