Floral Maxi Dress 2 Ways

Look 1: Banana Republic dress (sold out, similar), Banana Republic bow sandals, Kayu clutch, Shevoke sunglasses //  Look 2: Banana Republic dress (sold out, similar), Blank NYC jacket (now comes in 6 colors!), Louise et Cie booties (on sale), Ray-Ban round sunglasses

crystalin-marie-wearing-banana-republic-bow-heeled-sandalsshevoke-mirrored-sunglasses crystalin-marie-wearing-shevoke-mirrored-sunglasses crystalin-marie-wearing-banana-republic-floral-maxi-dress banana-republic-bow-heeled-sandalslouise-et-cie-bootiesblank-nyc-moto-jacketcrystalin-marie-wearing-banana-republic-petite-floral-maxi-dresscrystalin-marie-wearing-louise-et-cie-bootiesmaxi-dress-and-booties

Remember this post on what to wear to a fall wedding? Well, I’m finally sharing the dress I wore. It wasn’t the initial dress I ordered, but that one was too big and my seamstress wasn’t going to be able to tailor it in time. I was in a panic, but luckily I found this Banana Republic dress while stopping in at the mall in California. Trusty, BR. I knew they would be the only retailer where I’d be able to find something right off the rack. Because I’m all about versatility, I’m sharing how I wore it to the wedding and how to pair it with some fall essentials.

Mike wasn’t a fan of this style of dress from day one. He’s against anything that’s too flowy and doesn’t show any shape. I get a big laugh out of it because I love pieces that are either oversized or loose fitting, just like this dress. My favorite part of the dress is the fit. Every inch of it fits perfectly and it’s ridiculously comfortable and moves beautifully. Something I didn’t realize until the gal in the store told me, you can unbutton the skirt to create a slit. On a dress that’s more conservative like this, this little detail was everything!

When I initially bought this dress, I had no intention of wearing it with booties, but I must say, I love it! Note to self – buy more maxi dresses to wear with booties. #SoGood. This dress has since sold out, but I’m sharing more of my favorites below in case you want to recreate the look.

S H O P  F L O R A L  M A X I  D R E S S E S