What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? As mentioned last week, Mike and I are getting ready to head down to Santa Barbara for Mike’s best friend’s wedding. I had put off finding a dress until yesterday and man, did I screw myself. Dresses are one of the tougher pieces for me to find, especially when you’re looking for something really specific, in a time crunch, and will most likely need it altered. I was pretty much in a panic yesterday, but alas, something was ordered and should be here tomorrow. I’m taking a chance with only ordering one dress (hopefully I like it, yikes!), and relying on overnight shipping if all else fails.

Since it’s an October wedding, I was looking for something with all the fall feels. When dressing for occasions, weddings in particular, I like to dress very practical. Since it will be outdoors with temps in the 60’s, I want to be as covered up as possible. Not words my husband likes to hear, lol. But, this girl has got to be comfortable. When I think of fall inspired wedding guest dresses, my mind immediately goes to long and flowy dresses in deep hues with bohemian vibes. Does anyone else feel that way? I happen to really love floral maxi dresses this time of year. If they have long sleeves, even better (listen, it gets cold). They’re sexy, chic, comfortable, and season-appropriate. I’m all for showing skin in a beautiful gown, but in the middle of October, it’s just not my thing.

In case you’re attending a fall wedding this year, I’m sharing more season-appropriate dresses below. Stay tuned to see the dress I ordered… and cross your fingers it fits and I don’t hate it.

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