Get the Look: Wedding Ready Hair

1. Spray Garnier Fructis De-Contructed texture tease on roots down to mid-shaft on dry hair and scrunch in with your hands.

  2. Section off your hair to start curling. I divide my hair into threes (bottom, middle, top).

3. Take pieces of your hair and curl away from your face (this is a 1.5 inch barrel).

    4. Once your entire bottom section is curled, release the middle section of your hair.

  5. Again, curl away from your face and make sure you leave the ends straight. This gives your hair a more wave look.

  6. Once your entire middle section is curled, release the top section of your hair.

  7. This top section is the most important when it comes to the curl. You want to make sure you start the curl as close to your part as possible and leave the ends straight. Once you’re done curling, shake your hair around to loosen up your curls and reactive your texture tease spray and there you have it!

  The texturizing spray really adds the perfect finishing touch. Not only does my hair look fuller, but you can really see the texture in my curls.

  Wedding ready!

  Wearing: Lovers + Friends ‘smokin-hot’ dress //  Zara leather sandals (similar) // Asos clutch (similar)

As I’m sure you can tell, I wear my hair curled or wavy pretty much all the time. If it’s not down and curled, it’s up in a ponytail. I have a thing with my hair straight, it just looks super blah to me and I hate how flat it gets. Mike has a different opinion, but what does he really know?

Anyway, for those of you asking how I get my waves, this is the tutorial for you! On regular days I simply add a volumizing tonic to my roots and that’s it. Because I don’t use a holding spray, the curls fall and I get that more waved look. For occasion-specific hair, like weddings, I typically use a product to hold my curls, add texture, and for an overall finishing touch and extra oomph. Lately, I’ve been using this texturizing spray from Garnier Fructis. Not only does this spray hold, but it adds a really nice texture to the curls and adds a ton of volume to my hair. Anything that gives me extra volume holds a special place in my heart!   The great thing about curling your hair like this, you can wear it more natural for everyday (like I do) or use a product like Garnier Fructis texture tease and make it a little more special for those occasion-specific events.

Learn it, Do it, Rock it with Garnier Fructis Style.


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