Getting Outdoors with Shoes.com and Sorel

Last week the family and I headed out to Fields Bridge Hike, which we haven’t done in a really long time. Oregon has so many beautiful hikes and places to see outdoors, but with kids, work, and the daily grind, you can easily forget about this. We’re trying to get out as much as possible before it gets too cold and rainy. We actually found a very cool park on the trail for Harper, so we’re excited to add another park to our list.

Something you don’t think about or realize when you first move to Oregon is how important it is to have the right footwear. Anything works in the summer, really. In the fall and winter you need footwear to get you through the seasons. Since the cold weather lasts so long, you don’t let the weather stop you here (hello cabin fever). You’ll see everyone get out and do their normal thing even when it’s raining cats and dogs. This is why it’s so important to have the proper footwear for different weather conditions. As a California native, this was all very new to me. I’m finally getting the hang of things, but it’s resulted in a closet full of outerwear and boots, ha. 

One of my go-to shoe brands is Sorel. On our hike/walk I wore my new Kinetic Caribou Ankle Boots in Camel Brown from Shoes.com. I love that these are more of a boot/sneaker hybrid, so they’re super comfortable and lightweight. They’re waterproof, which is EVERYTHING in this rainy state. They’re also super warm – they have 100g insulation and microfleece lining. I wore non-water proof fleece boots all last year to walk the dogs, so I’m really stoked to wear these this year. 

Be sure to check out more from Sorel at Shoes.com. Shoes.com has a ton of awesome brands and offer free shipping and exchanges.


Special thank you to Shoes.com for partnering on this post.