Gym Time

So, when you move to a new city, your most likely going to join a new gym… well at least not if your a member at 24 Hour Fitness (apparently they have 100 in every town). Me, I’ve been a member at Bally’s Total Fitness for about 4 years now and have been pretty pleased with my whole experience (with an exception of one minor/major mishap). So, as I made the move up to the City, I was hoping I could keep my membership and simply make the transition to a new facility. Well, there’s no such thing as Bally’s San Francisco… well I think there may be, but its super far. This brings me to this past Monday; my first trip to a 24 Hour Fitness. Yes, I am becoming a member of this so called dreaded gym… I headed down to the one on Buchanan which is a small one, but decided smaller is better when getting situated.

Not too sure how I felt about my experience… Good thing was that it was pretty clean, bad thing, everyone is so young and male. I guess I’m not used to working out around mid 20’s early 30 year old men. It’s hard to go from a comfortable setting in an uncomfortable situation of sweat, spandex, and basketball shorts, to an even more awkward setting of being unfamiliar with the set up, being a new face, and having everyone stare at you as the sales rep takes you on a “tour.” AAAAHHH I guess I’ll just have to deal. The one positive is that, since there are a lot of cute, in shape mid 20’s female and males, I can push myself a little harder and pick up some new workout gear :)

Good place for cheap work out duds:

Old Navy– really love their fleeces and great deals on tanks.

Nordstrom Rack- great for nike shorts, sports bras, and yoga pants.

Gap– Go through the sales rack, you can find great deals on yoga pants, and tanks.