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Mike and I are re-organizing every closet in the apartment this weekend. We lost closet storage in the construction, so we’re trying to clean out unused items to make more space for our extra stuff. We’re running a tight ship over here, three closets aren’t cutting it! In the process of thinking of ways to make the best use out of our space, I got to thinking about handbag storage. My bags are currently all around my office either hanging on a chair or clothes rack, in a bin, or in the closet. Yeah, so not very organized … and I want to change that! But, I can’t decided how. I want to have easy access to those bags I use daily, but I also think my more treasured bags should be in it’s dust bag in the closet (you know, to keep safe). So then, should all my bags be stored in my closet? The only problem, handbags on the top shelf in my closet for a short girl, not so easy access. See the predicament?

Here’s where you come in. How on earth do you store your handbags? Do you leave them out or in a dust bag? In your closet or hanging on something or other… Please, please share your secrets!

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  • Why are handbags so difficult to store?! I put them up nicely in my closet on the shelf, then by about 3 days they are all haphazard all over the place! The ones I can hang I made a little wooden plaque that hangs on the wall and has pretty knobs that my jewelry and (some) bags can hang on. The rest are on my shelves in my closet. I keep a small stepstool in there to grab things off the top shelves. Hope you come up with a great solution!

    xo Brooke | honestly, b.

  • Lack of space is certainly something I relate to. My current handbag storage is lacking in the pretty factor but functional for the space. My bags sit on the top shelf on my closet with dividers so the bags don’t collapse over each other–making it a pain in the butt to find/grab what you want. The only bummer about this “solution” is the height. Like you, I don’t have the height to necessarily grab what I want either…so that’s where my husband is handy. You can imagine my sadness when he’s not home and I have to grab a stool. haha.

  • I use fun knobs to hang mine on. Basically I have a wall of hanging jewelry and bags. Needless to say, it’s kind of my favorite wall in the house. But I love that picture displaying them on bookshelves!


  • I only own one bag, oops, lol. But, would it would to store them under a bed in one of those plastic tubs? Very shortie friendly. :)

  • I found a storage unit in the Bathroom section of Target (who wouldda thunk!?) that I use for my purses. The big ones sit on top, clutches in one cubby, cross body ones stacked in another and so on… happy organizing!


  • I was having this VERY issue this morning. I have a small closet and my purses are currently stacked on top of each other. Not great. I think I will get some hooks this weekend to put on the wall space above my shoe rack. At least my purses won’t be squished!

  • I need to purge my closet and do some re-organizing, I have two shelves for handbags, and I try to keep them in their dust bags, but then because I can’t see them I forget about them. Wish I had more space too!