Harper’s Fall/Winter Wardrobe

harpers fall winter wardrobe

I’ve had a few request to put together a post on Harper’s fall/winter wardrobe and it’s finally here! It took me a minute because I was having sizing issues – I did some big orders and everything was too small (the worst!) AND one of my packages got lost. This is why it’s taken me so long to get this post together. I was also in a scramble because it went from summer to fall winter real quick and for a second Harper had no clothes that fit. This is a lot of clothes for a growing toddler and I know that, so please don’t ever feel like you need to do the same. I’m figuring out my sweet spot and still in the experimenting phase. Also, I purchased for both fall and winter and cold weather lasts up until June sometimes. So, yes it’s a lot, but she will wear everything. I also ordered up a size in many of the pieces.

Right now for me, Zara has the best toddler clothes. I literally want everything. I placed a big order from them, but unfortunately it’s not as easy to link (they don’t work with affiliate programs). I’m going to link as much as I can, but I may miss some things. In general though, I would say Zara has the best leggings hands down. They’re thicker than most (especially H&M), fit really well, and hold up. Gap outerwear sizing is all over the place and a little frustrating. I’ve had to reorder a few things several times. Zara beanies tend to run small and we happen to LOVE these beanies from H&M. I ordered quite a bit of long sleeve tees. These are awesome to have because I’ll most likely put her in one of these everyday and layer as we head out of the house. It’s already so unexpectedly cold here, so a long sleeve is a great foundation. I also really focused on tops because she’s still fitting into many of her old leggings/pants. She’ currently fitting into some of her old outerwear that I bought for her before she was born. I’ll most likely have to get her a few more coats and outerwear pieces as we get into winter, but I’m going to wait until Black Friday for those purchases.

I’m sharing more of her wardrobe below, which include some old pieces, pieces I bought at the end of summer, and shoes we’ve been wearing all year.

Zara Haul