Hunter ‘Tour’ Rain Boots Review

J.Crew cowlneck sweatshirt // J.Crew vest // Lucy leggings // Hunter ‘Tour’ rain boots // J.Crew tote // Ray-Ban silver mirrored aviators

J.Crew Field Vest     J.crew gray cowlneck sweatshirt

Ray-Ban silver matte mirrored aviators     J.Crew Cowlneck sweatshirt

J.Crew Uptown black tote     Hunter 'Tour' boots

I had been wanting to try out the ‘Tour’ Hunter boots for a while. Once weather really allowed for them, I swooped up the matte black pair from Shopbop and haven’t looked back. As the description describes, these are the packable boots, meaning they’re a lot more flexible and lightweight than the ‘Originals’ (which I also own). The ‘Tour’ boots are also a bit shorter in shaft length and the circumference around the calf seems to be smaller too, which for us petites, is great. More flexibility, lighter in weight (this is huge to me), and a shorter and more narrow shaft, make the ‘Tours’ my all around favorite boot. My only complaint (if you will) about the ‘Tour’ style is the wider less defined shape of the toe, but I think this comes with the fact that the material is a lot more flexible.

Now that I’ve tried the ‘Tour’ style I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the ‘Originals’. A lightweight, stylish, functional boot can’t be beat. A pair in every color, please! For reference, I took my normal size, 5, and they fit TTS.

S H O P  T H E  L O O K