ITCWC Mini Makeover + New Features

As you may have noticed ITCWC got a mini makeover over the weekend. Lately, I’ve been really drawn to sleek and clean designs, so I went with a black and white theme and kept things extremely minimalistic. I’m also excited to announce two new features to the site. Shop My Looks was added to the menu bar as shown above. This feature allows you to shop almost all of the items you’ve seen me wear on the blog. Rather than scroll through different posts looking for a particular item, you can find them all on one page. Easy peasy, right? Check it out here!

I’ve also created a page for promo codes and sale alerts (the button above is located in the right sidebar). As mentioned in this post, I rarely pay full price for items online. Since I’m already scouring the web and doing the research, why not share the love? I’ve created a list of all my favorite/ most frequented online retailers and will update promo codes and information weekly. I mean should we become best friends now or later? Promo codes made easy. Your welcome =)

Hope you had a great weekend!