Meet Lola

If you follow me on Instagram then you know Mike and I became parents to Lola (a westie poodle mix) last Thursday! It’s been a crazy/life changing past five days, but it’s all been worth it. She’s adapting well, showing us more of her personality everyday, and learning the ground rules. Mike’s already teaching her how to jump from the couch… which terrifies me, I mean she’s only three months.

I had no idea I could fall so madly in love with a dog. Seeing her play with Mike just melts my heart, so freaking adorable. This is Mike’s second dog, but my first, so if you have any advice on puppy potty training, sleeping at night, keeping them from chewing, or just anything at all, please do share. I’m so excited for this next journey in our life and I’m even more thrilled to share it with all of you =)