Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2017

Happy Friday! I still can’t believe Christmas is on Monday. It’s been a weird December. Mike and I keep saying out loud, “it doesn’t feel like Christmas.” I think with so much going on, it’s hard to really get into the holiday spirit. Between finishing up work projects, preparing for Baby D, and just being pregnant in general, my brain is all over the place. We had our last doctors visit before our due date this week and our doctor says she’s hopeful for a Dec 30th baby, but has a feeling we’ll meet her the first or second week of January. She wants me to be prepared for the latter, so I don’t get my hopes up just to be let down. While I don’t mind a little more time to get all my to-do list items checked off, I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore and of course meet our baby girl. I guess, the waiting game begins…

I’m signing off until after the holiday, so I wanted to pop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas. We’re celebrating my aunt’s birthday on Christmas Eve at Departure (my favorite restaurant), we’ll spend Christmas morning just Mike, me, and the pups, and then head to my aunt’s house for a family dinner. We’re keeping things as mellow as possible this year, but in case there’s any baby news, be sure to check my Instagram and Instagram Stories.