Merry Christmas

Happy Friday! And happy almost-Christmas. I still can’t believe Christmas is here this weekend. Time has flown by so fast. I’ve been off since Wednesday afternoon and I must admit, it’s been so nice to take time away from the computer. Mike and I made dinner on Wednesday night, my and aunt and I went to the Columbia employee store and got our nails done on Thursday, and tonight we’re celebrating my aunt’s birthday with dinner and cookie decorating. The last couple of days have really reminded me how important it is to make time to do other things besides work (yes, still working on this).

This will be our first Christmas in Oregon, so we’re pretty excited. We also experienced our first snow as Oregon residents last week, so it’s been a magical holiday so far. I’ll be back on Monday with a fun post of all my recent purchases, try-ons, and gifts, so stay tuned. For behind the scenes footage of Christmas, be sure to follow along on my Snapchat, username: CrystalinMarieD. 

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays ♡