My Take On Vintage Chic

My Take On Vintage Chic

I’m back with another Walmart home post and this month’s theme is all about vintage chic (see last month’s post here). While, I wouldn’t say this fits my style of home decor, after perusing the selection and creating this post, I’m second guessing my whole aesthetic, ha! I’m slowly opening up to other styles besides mid-century modern, and I’m loving the more softer, feminine vibe I have going on here.

The thing with home decor for me, I have to see the whole picture. I love creating collages like this because I can see how every piece looks together, I need to visually see the cohesion. Vintage is all about weathered wood, distressed accents, and antique-inspired decor. Pair that with modern furnishings and elegant textiles and vintage chic is born. I would say this is more of a modern version of vintage chic, but that’s just my take. Walmart has a ton of other offerings to check out for this style here. To keep things very me, I kept things minimal and neutral. I’ve been really loving black and white with greenery and I love the way this came together. I could easily see a variation of this down the road in our forever home. I could actually see me swapping out one of my current rugs for the one featured above.

If you’re looking to incorporate some vintage chic pieces into your home, be sure to check out all of Walmart’s awesome selection here.


Special thank you to Walmart for partnering on this post.