New In: Coach Classic Leather Shoulder Bag

{Coach Classic Leather Shoulder Purse}

Welcome the newest Coach bag to my collection, the Classic leather shoulder bag in vermillion! I could not be more excited for this pretty lady. I have been waiting and wanting it for over a year now and finally snagged it for a great price on Ebay. I’m telling you folks, waiting pays off. Most of the ones in this color and style are going for $120 or higher and I got it for a steal at $50, not including shipping. Being a seller on Ebay myself, I’ve noticed sometimes they’re off weeks. An item won’t sell or even be looked at one week and the next week it will have 10 bids. I definitely stole this bag on an off week (hey, somethings gotta give when you’ve been stalking Ebay for a year, right?). The bag is in almost perfect condition and even came with it’s dust bag. Major score. Ebay for the win once again!

Tips on Bidding on Ebay:

– Always, always use the highest bid feature. This allows you to set your absolute highest bid you’re willing to pay for the item and will outbid another bidder automatically until you reach that highest bid. No stress at all.

– Don’t bid until the last 5 minutes (or even less). This brings you into the game late and will catch other bidders off guard and make it harder for them to outbid you.

– If you’re unsure about something, always message the seller. My experience is that they always message back and give helpful feedback. It also helps reassure they’re a trustful seller and are selling you the correct item.

– Do some research to make sure the item isn’t fake. Look at the sellers feedback history. A lot of sellers take selling on Ebay really seriously and want to give the best service/product. Check out what others have said about them. This will give you more confidence when bidding and buying.

Do you use Ebay? If so, Id’ love to hear any tips you have that have worked for you.