New Mom Essential With Boppy

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier x Crystalin Marie

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Boppy for their launch of the Boppy® ComfyFit® Baby Carrier and the #NeverNotAMom campaign! We already use so many Boppy products (nursing pillow, lounger, changing pad covers), so I had a feeling the carrier would fit right in. One of the many challenges first-time moms face is finding the time to do all the things. The first few weeks, you’re consumed with all things baby. Feeding, sleeping, kissing, cuddling, rocking, and just staring at the miracle that just became a part of your family. Once you’ve been able to find a rhythm and catch up on sleep, you start to want to do more and get back to some of those things you’re used to doing (laundry, grabbing coffee, walking the dogs, etc.). Thankfully, there are products like the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier that allow you to get back to your routine, while still keeping baby close.

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier donut run

Boppy carrier

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier Blue Star Donuts

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier getting coffee

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier Barista coffee

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier coffee

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier laundry

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier gray

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier baby laundry

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier walking

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier walking the dog

Boppy comfyfit baby carrier going for walks

The Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier is both comfortable for you and comforting for baby. The lightweight, soft fabric was inspired by yoga apparel, so think spandex and comfort. I love the color options (gray and black) and that the style is very neutral (not overly feminine). Sometimes baby carriers can have confusing straps, but this one is super easy to put on. It’s machine washable and has a Stash n’ Go Pouch, making it easy to throw it in your diaper bag. One of my favorite things about the ComfyFit Baby Carrier is it’s one size fits most. Both Mike and I can use it, which means we don’t have to buy multiple carriers. Mike also mentioned, he felt like he didn’t have to sacrifice his dad style with this carrier, lol.

If you’re a soon-to-be-mom, first-time mom, or know a mom who might need a baby carrier, I would highly recommend checking this one out. Going hands-free and getting things done is a game changer in the world of parenting.

Also, be sure to check out Boppy’s When You’re a Mom You’re #NeverNotAMom video. It makes me so emotional, but that’s probably because I’m a new mom and babies and their moms give me all the feels.

You can purchase the carrier at: NordstromTarget, and Amazon

Special thank you to Boppy for partnering on this post.