My Diaper Bag Essentials

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I’m finally sharing my diaper bag essentials! I’ve received a ton of requests for a post like this and I’m so excited to finally share it with you. As a first time mom, I use the Internet A LOT. They say, don’t trust the Internet, but it’s been the best resource so far. With that being said, I never really looked up what to put in my diaper bag, it was all trial and error. I’m more the type to over pack, so if you’re a less is more kinda person, you may think some of this is unnecessary. I haven’t forgotten anything really significant yet, so I’d say we’re winning so far.

whats in my diaper bag

What to put in diaper bag

Stokke diaper bag

Gathre mat

Honest company wipes

Crystalin Marie and Harper

Diaper bag essentials

Gathre mat, Solly Baby swaddle blanket

toys for diaper bag

How to pack diaper bag

cal pak cubes

Extra clothes for diaper bag

what to put in my diaper bag

Home Products: Wayfair bed, Target mirror, Allswell bedding, Allswell pink throw pillow, Urban Outfitters round gray pillow (old), Treasure & Bond knit throw blanket, Crate & Barrel curtain rod, Ikea linen curtains, Lulu & Georgia rug

On Me: Janessa Leone hat small , Zara top xs, Rag & Bone Jeans 24 // On Harper: Gap onesie, H&M bib, Goat Milk Organic leggings

I didn’t have a traditional diaper bag until just last week. I was using my oversized tote from Madewell (no longer available) and putting this diaper organizer inside. Now that Mike takes Harper out without me, I wanted to get a bag we could both use. I was packing a backpack for him and having to swap things back and forth, which was really inconvenient. I was initially drawn to this Stokke bag because of the color and the backpack option. Parenting on your own while out requires a backpack option in my opinion. You need all hands available. We took this bag to Black Butte and I think it may be too small for all our crap, lol. I may end up returning it, but still undecided. I will keep you posted.

Onto the more important part of this post. Something I’ve learned over the last 7 months. Having your bag packed at all times really helps getting out of the house quicker. I hear from parents all the time – it takes us forever to get out of the house. Mike and I have never had an issue with this. We’ve been late maybe once or twice, but that was probably more from me mismanaging my time. And honestly, I think it has to do with having the baby bag ready to go. Contents will change depending on the age of your babe. Below I’m listing out everything we always have in our diaper bag.

Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Diaper balm
  4. Changing mat
  5. Pacifier
  6. Pacifier Clip
  7. Bottle (if feeding out)
  8. Food (we pack the least messiest things when we go to restaurants like broccoli).
  9. Sippy Cup
  10. Blanket or 2
  11. Hat or Beanie (depending on the season)
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Hand Sanitizer
  14. Windi (in case she ever has gas)
  15. Band Aids (more for mom and her blisters)
  16. Hand Lotion
  17. Protein Bar
  18. Toys
  19. Sound Machine (if necessary)
  20. Plastic Bags (for dirty diapers or clothes)
  21. Extra bib
  22. Burp cloth
  23. A pair of shoes
  24. Change of clothes

*When it comes to a change of clothes, I pack some options in one of our Calpak cubes and I leave it in the car. That way I have more than what I need, but it doesn’t overwhelm my bag. In case of an emergency or the weather changes, you can have it all – socks, pants, onesie, hats, bibs, jacket, etc.

Something we don’t have in our diaper bag that I need, a baby first aid kit. I’ll probably put a few of our natural medicines in there as well (for teething or a cold).

We recently went on our first trip with Harper and the Calpak packing cubes were awesome! I bought them before I went into labor to have them for my hospital bag and I couldn’t recommend them more. It’s just nice to have all her stuff organized, especially when you’re dealing with so much stuff. Between baby gear, mom’s clothes, toiletries, etc. it’s nice to have some organization. I will use these in my diaper bag on occasion as well and they’re great for packing, too!

If you have any questions, or something else to add that has saved your life, I would love to  hear from you!