October’s Wishlist

October's Wishlist

At the beginning of every season, I always feel like there’s so much to invest in to complete my wardrobe. I’ve been building my essential wardrobe for years, so you would think this list of things would get smaller. But, I’ve found that just because you have the basic essentials, doesn’t mean you can’t either upgrade or buy a few trend items. This season is all about the plaid/check blazer and pageboy hats – two trends I can get on board with. I’ll share more about these in a later post, but in the meantime, I’m sharing a few items on my October wishlist.

Gucci reversible GG tote

Gucci Reversible GG Tote

With baby D’s arrival only a few months away, I’m starting to think more about function over anything. Will I wear this once she arrives? Will this work in my new mom wardrobe, etc. I would hate for all my stuff to just sit because it’s no longer practical. Insert the baby bag. Or should I say the large tote. I don’t think I’ve ever been a huge fan of the baby bags out there, but I do understand you need a functional bag. I’ve been eyeing this reversible leather tote from Gucci. It’s not overwhelming, but could still fit a baby organizer inside. I also love that it’s reversible, although knowing how the inside of my bags end up, that may not be an option for me, lol.

Wilfred Dujardin sweater

Wilfred Dujardin Sweater

I have this cardigan in charcoal and I reach for it constantly. It is on the longer side, but I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’m embracing this new length. The sleeves are narrow, which is why it fits so darn well. Coats can be hit or miss because of the wide sleeves. I have an xxs and it’s snug and flattering. It’s thick enough to wear in the winter too! Honestly, I want it in every color, especially this camel color.

Halogen bow sleeve sweater

Halogen Tie Bell Sleeve Sweater

As I’ve been shopping for sweaters lately, I’ve realized I’m a bit picky. I have a bunch of basic sweaters that are great for layering, so I’m looking for more stand alone, statement sweaters. This one is a nice balance of basic and neutral, but still super chic. AND, it comes in petite sizes (woohoo!). Of course, I’m late to the game and my sizes are sold out in the colors I love. I’ve literally been stocking the site to see if any of them come back in stock, lol. Cross your fingers I can snag one!  

Madewell maternity black distressed skinny jeans

Madewell Distressed Skinny Jeans

I recently picked up the Paige black distressed maternity jeans and while I like them, I wanted to give these a shot. I would love it if the Paige jeans were a bit tighter around the ankle. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of options when it comes to maternity jeans, so I’ll live with it. But, when I found these at such a good price, I had to give them a shot. Unfortunately, everyone else loves these as well, so the 23 and 24 sizes are backordered until January. Just my luck, right? Maybe, just maybe, they’ll get restocked before then…

Gucci Princetown shearling loafer

Gucci Princetown Shearling Mule Loafer

I’ve been wearing my Gucci Princetown loafers in black a lot lately and I have a feeling they’ll come in handy to just slip on and off once Baby D arrives. They’re chic, comfortable, and classic. Since I’ve been getting so much wear out of them, I was thinking about investing in another pair. The shearling detail option seems a little trendy, but for some reason, I can’t stop obsessing over them every time someone wears them. I also love the idea of brown, but since I wear a lot of black jeans and black leggings, I’m wondering if I’ll reach for them enough. I do have a ton of cream, tan, and camel in my closet, so I do see myself wearing it with those colors. Thoughts? Do you think I’ll wear the brown color as much as the black?

Everlane The Boss Boot

Everlane The Boss Boot

These popped up on Everlane’s Instagram the other day and I about fell over. So, so chic and very similar to the Acne Jensen bootie (but for half the price). I’ve been living in my Marc Fisher black Yale booties, so I thought it would be nice to give myself a little upgrade. These seem more structured and sleek and I love the small heel. I ordered them yesterday, so I’ll keep you posted on fit and quality. They also come in taupe gray suede, black suede, and pebbled cognac.

August Hat Company newsboy

August Hat Company Newsboy Hat

If you’ve seen any street style photos from the different fashion weeks, you know newsboy hats are all the rage. Mike thinks they’re a bit trendy, but I happen to like them. I’ve been reaching for hats a lot since being pregnant (remember that post about hating to get ready, yeah, hats have been my friend). I’ve seen this style on many ladies and they seem to look flattering on just about anyone. They work when your hair is down or in a ponytail (versatility is key!). I was in Nordstrom over the weekend and tried on some hats from Brixton. The xs was too small (21”) and the small (22”) was too big. I did some digging and found this one from Bloomingdales. It measures 21.5”, so I’m hoping it’s just the right size. I took advantage of their Friends & Family Sale and got it for only $32.