Old Favorites

Charles by Charles David pact pumpsRebecca Taylor blouse (similar) // J.Crew denim jacket  // Wayf track pants (similar) // Charles by Charles David pact pumps // Asos clutch // Ray-Ban silver mirrored aviators

Rebecca Taylor colorblock blouse

Asos nude clutch

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j.crew vintage denim jacket

San Francisco fashion blog

Ray-Ban silver mirrored aviator sunglasses

black and white baseball tee blouse  J.Crew patina denim jacketPhotos by Natalie Dressed

Since beginning 2015 with a new outlook on the outfits worn on Crystalin Marie, I’ve tried to make extremely conscious purchases as well as shop my own closet. The old me would continue to add the newest ripped jeans to be wardrobe, and while I still have my eye on said jeans (love these), my closet and style won’t evolve and grow unless I make changes. On my quest to wear pieces other than destroyed denim, I’ve discovered a new-found love for some old favorites. I don’t think I’ve worn this Rebecca Taylor blouse in over a year and half. Crazy right? I’ve always loved how the colorblock raglan sleeves balanced out the feminine silhouette of the blouse, but for some reason, I don’t reach for it as much as I should. And then there’s these Wayf track pants. Again, I probably haven’t worn them in over a year, which is just downright dumb, because man, they’re SO comfortable! If you haven’t added a pair of track pants to your wardrobe yet, I highly recommend it. They’re a nice alternative to jeans and you can get away with eating the entire pizza and sneaking it that second or the third glass of wine.

Two old favorites combine to make one of my favorite outfits, ever! This color combination is just too good too!

S H O P  T H E  L O O K