On My Radar For Fall

On my radar for fall

Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? We’re in Black Butte until Wednesday, but I have a few blog posts still going up this week. I will go more into our trip and share photos next week, but let’s just say, the downtime so far has been nice. This is our first getaway with Harper and while the packing was a bit overwhelming, it’s nice to get out of our routine for a few days. You can follow our trip on Stories in the meantime, @crystalinmarie.

Other than picking up a few pieces to close out summer, I’ve been browsing all things fall. I picked up a few things from Madewell recently, like this sweater coat (which fits oversized). I’m so obsessed! It fits oversized, but the color and structure are so good for fall! This piece was part of the early access I got for being a Madewell Insider. I think you can only see the sweater and purchase it if you’re an Insider (which I believe anyone can do). There’s so many good sweaters and jackets out already, which makes me so excited! If you’re like me and can’t wait for fall fashion, I’m sharing some favorites below. I think I’m extra excited this year because I was pregnant last year and wasn’t able to wear all my favorite things. I can’t wait to wear all my denim, sweaters, boots, and coats!