Our Masks + More We’re Loving

I’ve received so many messages about the masks Harper and I have been wearing lately. I never in a million thought I’d be doing a blog post about this, but that’s 2020, right? I’ve actually been very picky about our masks – not all masks are created equal and many of them run really large. I ordered some really nice masks off Etsy only to have them be larger than my face. I offered them to Mike, but he said he didn’t have time for masks with ties, lol. I’ve also been sticking to the masks with adjustable straps – since it’s hard to know if a mask will fit, I feel a lot more comfortable ordering when the straps are adjustable. Below I’m sharing our masks plus more we’re loving.

Anine Bing Mask

My Anine Bing mask came with one of my packages and they’re currently not for sale. Because this one doesn’t have adjustable straps, it runs big, but I will say it is comfortable.

This was our first mask we ordered for Harper and I went to find a link for you guys and it appears the seller no longer sells them, in fact, the seller no longer exists. I did find it on Etsy, though.

Jonathan Simkhai Neutral Mask

My go-to masks have been from Jonathan Simkhai. These masks come in a pack of 4 and they fit me the best! If you on the petite side or have a small face, these are amazing. The quality is fantastic, they have adjustable straps, they’re breathable, and they have a space to place a filter. I LOVE the neutral colors, too. I’m thinking about ordering more from him.

Harper’s Seersucker Mask

Harper’s mask is from an Etsy seller, CygnetChild. I love these because the straps are adjustable and I thought the seersucker was perfect for summer.

Mike’s mask was made by his aunt. We were lucky it came in a neutral color because it goes with everything, lol.

1. Clare V. Mask

These are so chic and fun! I’m thinking these will be my next purchase.

2. Clare V. Mask

For my one feminine mask, this may be it!

3. Hey January Mask

Adjustable floral masks.

4. Jonathan Simkhai Masks

I love his masks so much, I’m thinking about trying these.

5. Tadaa Eco Mask

Linen adjustable reversible mask.

6. Mino For Maisonette Kid Mask

These are fun but still neutral.

7. Alex + Nova Kids and Adult Masks

These are super cute!

8. Melissas Stitches Kids Masks

Adjustable kids masks