Photos from Oregon (part 2)

{this little girl had the best time… i think she’s actually been slightly depressed since we got back}

{did a girls day at the nail salon}

{the appetizer spread at Jeff and Deanne’s place}

{they have a really pretty and serene backyard}

{Deanne’s vegan pesto pasta}

{remind me never to wear anything with black long sleeves and my hair down. i look like cruella deville!}

{the largest margaritas on the planet from Ixtapa… it’s becoming our ritual while in Oregon.}

{hiked at Mary S. Young State park // lola giving me the look she want’s out back}

{grilled veggies}

{this homemade bruschetta was the best I’ve ever had! finding the right bread is so key!}

{claims and shrimp al fresco for our last supper}

Here are the rest of the photos from our trip. Of course there’s more food pics… story of my life! Thanks so much for having us Vedder family and thank you Nicole for feeding me amazing meals. Love you!