Progress in Finding Balance

Modcloth scarf, Majestic Filatures turtleneck (similar), Modcloth leggings, Sperry rain boots, Ray-Ban original aviators, beanie (similar)

crystalin-marie-and-modcloth crystalin-marie-styles-modcloth sperry-rain-bootscrystalin-marie-styling-sperry-rain-bootscrystalin-marie-wearing-sperry-rain-bootsmodcloth-scarf

I’ve mentioned it multiple times on this blog, finding balance between work and life has been a huge struggle for me. I love my job and don’t mind working so much, which is the biggest issue. Also, in this whole blog / self-employed world, I always feel like I can be doing something. When I have a moment to breathe to either do nothing or sit down to watch TV, it’s like, well I should be doing something work-related. It’s really a tough place to be mentally, especially if you don’t mind working a million hours a week.

Right before we left for California (a couple weeks ago), I got super busy and overwhelmed with work. Anytime we take a trip that’s not related to work, I try to prep as much content before we leave. When you try to shoot, edit, write, and link posts ahead of time, your work day can go from the wee hours to the late nights. It’s A LOT. So, while in California I promised myself, once we got home I would really work on finding more balance. It’s been 9 days since we’ve been back and it’s been the best 9 days in a while. Last Sunday, I worked out, made lunch with Mike, played with the dogs, all while still fitting in some work. I haven’t had a day like that in a very long time. I’m really trying to make more time to enjoy the day to day. This last week has been amazing to say the least (patting myself on the back).

One of my favorite things to do, that I rarely make time for is go downtown to grab a coffee, shop, eat lunch, and just wander. This city is still new-to-me, so there’s so much to explore. Last weekend, I threw on my favorite blanket scarf from Modcloth, the cutest rain boots, and the coziest leggings (size up) to grab lunch with Mike. We stumbled upon a street lined with beautiful fall trees and it’s fallen leaves (obviously, we had to pose for photos). While work is my passion, I know how important it is to step away from the computer to enjoy the little moments with the people most important to me. I’m so grateful for this past week and hopefully it’s shown me how a more balanced life can be just as rewarding.

For those of you new to Modcloth, they’re a great destination for vintage-style pieces and classic basics at affordable prices. I also love that they have unique pieces you won’t find at any other retailers. They currently have some great holiday sweaters (this ones perfect for an Ugly Sweater party) and I love their selection of ponchos right now.

Created in collaboration with Modcloth