Recent Purchases + At-Home Try On’s

Happy hump day! I’m brining you another round of At-Home Try On’s. There’s a ton of affordable spring pieces I think you’ll love. I found a handful of must-haves from Old Navy, scored big at Abercrombie & Fitch, and have been really embracing petites at Anthropologie. Read on to see what I scored.

Abercrombie & Fitch overalls 3
Abercrombie & Fitch overalls 2
Abercrombie & Fitch overalls 4
Abercrombie & Fitch overalls 5

Abercrombie & Fitch overalls (24) – I’ve been telling you guys about these cropped flare overalls for a couple weeks now. I finally ordered them and while the length runs long (which is a bummer), I’m still so in love them. I’m going to take a couple inches off the bottom (you can see them full length and rolled under) and put them in the wash to give them that raw hem look. This will most likely take away from the whole flare look, but the overalls fit so well, I’m going to MAKE them work, lol. With my luck, J.Crew will come out with petite overalls and I’ll get annoyed, but hey, when something fits, you go with it. These are super comfortable. Aside from the slight flare at the hem, everything else about these are very classic. No weird pockets, zippers, or funky construction. I tried on the Madewell overalls last week and that was a complete disaster.  They looked so bad on me, I didn’t even take any photos, ha! I have seen them styled on a couple other people and they are adorable… maybe just for girls taller than me.

Sezane tie blouse 3

Sezane tie blouse 4
Sezane tie blouse 1

Sezane Bow Blouse (xs) – I’m so bummed this top is already sold out online, but I wanted to show you how the Sezane brand fits in case anyone has been thinking about ordering from them. I would say their tops run either TTS or slightly small. This particular top fits well in the shoulders, long and wide in the arms, and short in the torso. With that being said, I do think their tops are very petite-friendly. The quality is also very nice. 

Old Navy utility jacket 6

Old Navy utility jacket 3
Old Navy utility jacket 1

Old Navy utility jacket (petite xs) – I’m such a sucker for utility jackets and Old Navy always has great options at really amazing prices. I love the tall collar on this one. It has pull ties to cinch the waist and is a true forest green color. The arms run a bit wide and long  for petite sizing, but nothing a little roll doesn’t help. Typically with brands like ON, I have to worry about the width. This one actually fits pretty well. By no means is this a heavy jacket. Definitely just a light layer, so keep that in mind when finding your perfect utility jacket.

Old Navy striped lace up top 3

Old Navy striped lace up top 2
Old Navy striped lace up top 1

Old Navy striped lace up tee (petite xs) – This tee fits extremely well. Fitted, but slouchy and flattering at the same time. Comfortable, too! Can’t go wrong with classic stripes and I the lace-up detail adds the perfect little touch.

Old Navy light wash cropped flare jeans 7

Old Navy light wash cropped flare jeans 1
Old Navy light wash cropped flare jeans 3

Old Navy light washed kick flare jeans (petite 0) – As you know, I’ve been going denim crazy lately. That whole, you can never have too many jeans thing, yeah it’s still going strong. When I spotted these kick flare jeans on oldnavy.com, I knew I had to give them a shot. I haven’t found THE PERFECT kick flare jeans yet in the higher price range, so maybe these could work. Despite running slightly long, I’m obsessed! They fit in the waist and thighs and even the ripped knees land in the right spots. I love the light wash and raw hem, too. Very spring and very on-trend. I’m still debating whether or not I should cut them. If you’re taller than 5ft, I would highly recommend trying these out. ON denim usually run large on me, so you may want to size up.

Steve Madden BORN heels
Marc Fisher black zala pumps

Steve Madden Born sandals (5) – With so many vintage style shoes out, I’ve been really gravitating toward a lower heel. It’s crazy to even say that considering a couple years ago I was all about the 4” heel on the blog. I recently spotted these on stevemadden.com and loved how simple they were. I had been needing a black sandal for a while and I couldn’t help but think about how easy these would be to wear with only a 3.5” heel. I ended up getting them in both black and nude. They run TTS and are really easy to walk in. I haven’t worn them for long periods of time, so I’m not 100% sure on how comfortable they are over long periods. The synthetic material isn’t the greatest, but the simple style makes up for it.  

Marc Fisher LTD Zala pumps (5) – I now have these in 4 colors. The style is super on-trend and they’re incredibly comfortable! The bad part, the sizing in every color run differently. The black ones happen to run slightly large. I’ll end up using a heel pad, but it’s just annoying. In general though, I love the way these look. They’re sleek and chic and easy to walk in. Definitely a pump you can wear all day long.  

Old Navy Cropped flare jeans 2

Old Navy Cropped flare jeans 3
Old Navy Cropped flare jeans 1

Old Navy kick flare jeans (petite 0) –  These are the same style as the kick flares from Old Navy I mentioned above. They’re actually made with a heavier denim, but still fit great. I absolutely love the medium wash. I’ve been needing a pair of jeans in this wash, so that’s what really sold me. The length was slightly long, so I ended up cutting them. They’ve lost most of the flare, which is a bummer, but they’re still perfect for spring.

northward cropped army jacke 2

northward cropped army jacke 3
northward cropped army jacket 1

Madewell cropped army jacket (xxs) – I’ve been looking for a utility jacket that looks and feels more like a shirt. I love the idea of throwing it on over a tee for a more lightweight, less bulky look. This one sort of had that vibe, even though it’s definitely a jacket. The rave reviews also made it hard to pass up. But sadly, I didn’t love it. I’m not sure why everyone is crazy about it. The cropped fit is unflattering and the swingy back adds extra material, which seems odd. It could be a petite thing. Maybe this style doesn’t work with small frames. For those of you interested, the jacket runs very thick. The arms and shoulders fit nicely and as you can see the length was not very cropped on me.

Anthropologie denim jacket 6
Anthropologie denim jacket 8
Anthropologie denim jacket 1
Anthropologie denim jacket 4

Anthropologie denim jacket (petite xs) – This denim jacket is absolutely adorable! The cropped fit is super flattering and I love the embroidered details. The arm length runs long and wide, but nothing a little fold can’t help. If you’re looking for a fun jacket or an alternative to the classic denim jacket, this one is perfect.

Knot Sisters embroidered dress 3

Knot Sisters embroidered dress 1
Knot Sisters Embroidered dress

Knot Sisters white dress (xs) – I stalked this dress on shopbop.com until it became available in xs. I’m so glad I did because I’m obsessed! It’s the perfect spring to summer dress. It runs slightly sheer and doesn’t have any lining, which is a bummer. Other than that though, this dress can do no wrong. To top it off, it has pockets! You would think a shirt dress like this might be unflattering, but it actually has some shape to it. I will be living in this one this summer!

J.Crew Anorak 4

J.Crew Anorak 3
J.Crew Anorak 5

J.Crew fatigue jacket (petite xxs) – I can officially say, I’m addicted to J.Crew outerwear. They fit me so well and you can never have enough jackets/coats in Oregon. This jacket will be great to run errands in. It’s chic and well tailored, which are 2 qualities I always look for in outerwear. The long hem in the back, the collar, the hood, the pockets – everything about this jacket is a YES. I will say the color is a bit odd. Not tan and not green. It’s somewhere in between. This particular jacket isn’t as snug as my other J.Crew coats/jackets, but it works perfectly for layering. 

Old Navy lace up tee in white 1
Old Navy lace up tee in white 2

Old Navy white lace up tee (petite xs) – I loved the striped version of this top so much, I ordered it in white. Unfortunately, the fit is not the same. I’m going to keep it, but really with this sizing issue? Same shirt, same size, and the fit is different, SMH. It runs tighter and less comfortable, so you may want to size up on this one. Love the way the lace up detail elevates such a basic piece.

Banana Republic denim trench 1

Banana Republic denim trench 5
Banana Republic denim trench 3

Banana Republic denim dress/trench (petite 00) – I’ve seen the denim trench several times and love the idea of it. It’s a great alternative to the tan/taupe trench color we see during the spring. This one is actually a dress that dupes perfectly for a jacket. As with most my Banana Republic pieces, this dress/trench fits perfectly. The arms run a little short (perhaps they’re meant to be a ¾ sleeve), but short sleeves don’t bother me. Can’t wait to wear this with black skinny jeans and black denim cut offs. 

Anthropologie wrap top 3

Anthropologie wrap top 5
Anthropologie wrap top 1

Anthropologie wrap shirt (xxs petite)- I love a wrapped top, so I had high hopes for this one. Sadly, the petite xxs fit too short. The material is super soft and the neckline sits at just the right length. Love that you can dress it up or down. If you’re interested, I would suggest going with regular sizing rather than petite, so you can tuck it into jeans easier. This top also comes in blue, green, and taupe.

J.Crew striped shirt 2
J.Crew striped shirt 1

J.Crew deck-striped tee (xxs) – I bought this tee last fall and completely forgot about it (oops). I brought it out on Instagram Stories and got a ton of questions about it, so I figured I’d share details here. It’s classic navy and white with a dropped shoulder. I want to say it has a boatneck almost, which you can’t really tell in the photos. It’s meant to fit loose in the the torso, but it’s balanced with form fitting arms. A great go-to, for sure!

Anthropologie flutter sleeve top 2

Anthropologie flutter sleeve top 3
Anthropologie flutter sleeve top 1

Anthropologie ruffle sleeve top (petite xs) – This top looked more structured on the website, but it’s actually very flowy and loose. The green is nice and subtle and I adore the large ruffle sleeves. I’m not big on loose and roomy necks, so I’m still debating on this one. For those of you interested, it’s a nice easy breezy top perfect for spring. You may want to size down, but also opt for regular instead of petite sizing as it runs short. 

Anthropologie embroidered top 3

Anthropologie embroidered top 4
Anthropologie embroidered top 1

Anthropologie eyelet top (xxs petite) – You know I can never pass up a white eyelet top and this one is adorable. It’s a cropped swing top, which isn’t the most flattering shape, especially if you have a larger chest like I do. I’ll most likely pair it with shorts, which I should have tried on for you, because it looks 1000 times better. The only reason I kept this top was to pair it with denim cut offs. The eyelet print is perfect for warm weather and I love the easy breezy vibes it has.

Abercrombie & Fitch camo jacket 5
Abercrombie & Fitch camo jacket 3
Abercrombie & Fitch camo jacket 2
Abercrombie & Fitch camo jacket 4

Abercrombie & Fitch camo jacket (xs) – This jacket has been on my radar since it came out. I wasn’t sure I was going to jump back on the camo trend, but the longer I waited, the more the print was growing on me. The green may be a little light for my liking, but I’m going to try to style it a couple times before deciding if it’s a keeper or not. It fits extremely well everywhere except the arm length. You can see how it looks at full length as well as rolled under. There’s ties inside the jacket to cinch the waist and the shoulder width actually fits snug on me (which I happen to like). If you’re comfortable with tucking in or rolling the sleeves, I would say the jacket is petite-friendly everywhere else.

Ann Taylor midi skirt 6

Ann Taylor midi skirt 4
Ann Taylor midi skirt 3

Ann Taylor midi skirt (xxs petite) – Let me introduce you to my dream skirt. I don’t wear a ton of skirts, mostly because they’re aren’t a ton out there that fit. I had been waiting for something like this to come out in petite sizing and Ann Taylor came through. It’s sweater material, so it’s pretty thick, but it hits at the right length and hugs my hips perfectly. The only downside is the folded waistband. Super comfortable, yes, but it also shows every crease and line from a tucked top. Other than that, this skirt is amazing. Classic, but still chic and elevated. Abercrombie and Fitch petite ankle skinny jeans 1

Abercrombie and Fitch petite ankle skinny jeans 2
Abercrombie and Fitch petite ankle skinny jeans 3

Abercrombie & Fitch cropped ankle skinny jeans (24 short) – I had heard great things about the black skinny jeans below, so I did some digging and found these which are the same style and length. Not only are these cropped, but they’re the short options, which means they hit me at the perfect length. I can never find jeans that don’t need to be cut, so you can imagine how happy I was when found them. It’s also nice that A&F gives you inseam details because not all websites do that. These jeans are pretty amazing. Stretchy and comfortable, with normal pockets (not jeggings).  To top it off, they have zippers at the ankles, which I’ve never been able to wear before. If you’re short and have a tough time finding jeans, I would definitely check these out.

Abercrmobie & Fitch black petite ankle jeans 3

Abercrmobie & Fitch black petite ankle jeans 2
Abercrmobie & Fitch black petite ankle jeans 1

Abercrombie & Fitch cropped ankle black skinny jeans (24 short) – These are the black versions of the jeans mentioned above, which also have rips at the knees. The length and the fit are amazing (fit exactly the same as the jeans above), but the slits in the knees land right under my knee, which is making the proportions look weird. I’m going to add more distressing to help with this, so stay tuned to see how they turn out. Regardless, these are awesome black jeans. Super comfortable and a true black color.

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