Resources to Help You be the Change #blacklivesmatter

Artwork by @sacree_frangine

When you’re born into a flawed system, you don’t know better. And when the color of your skin is white, you don’t have to know better. White privilege is a reality for so many of us and until last week, I never knew I was part of the problem. It’s not okay to turn a blind eye. I take full responsibility for my ignorance and I’m working to change, grow, and learn more about how I can lift up black communities, business men and women, friends, and peers. #blacklivesmatter

I was talking to someone the other day who said something along the lines of, “I feel helpless. I feel like the only thing I can do is send a letter to the mayor/governor to demand change.” I am here to tell you, there’s SO MUCH MORE YOU CAN DO. 

I have put together a resource page on my blog for those of you who don’t know where to start. Racism is a deep rooted issue that goes far beyond signing a petition, texting in, or sharing a swipe up in your Stories (although a great start). There is inner work that can be done that doesn’t cost a thing. I’m sharing podcasts to listen to, black leaders to follow on Instagram, Organizations you can donate to, journal prompts to help you deal with your own racism thoughts, books to buy your kids (all proceeds will go to Color of Change). Talks of race and equality starts at home and I’ll be sharing how we go about all of this with Harper as we move forward. Be the change for your children, be the change for George Floyd and all the black lives we’ve lost.

Artwork by @mongequentin

People/Accounts to Follow on Instagram


Podcast Episodes to Listen To

How to Not (Accidentally) Raise a Racist – The Longest Shortest Time
Stepping Out of Privilege – The goop Podcast
Dismantling White Fragility – The goop Podcast
White Fragility – Call Your Girlfriend
What is Anti-Racism and Why You’re Not Doing It Part 1 – Shine Brighter Together Podcast
Defining White Supremacy with Calvin Moore – Speaking Of Racism

Organizations You Can Donate To

Color of Change
Equal Justice Initiative
Southern Poverty Law Center
Minnesota Freedom Fund

Artwork by @sacree_frangine

Workshops and Tools

Free Anti-Racism Healing Tools by To Be Magnetic
Anti-Racism 101 “Crash Course” by Monique Melton

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts from @lisaoliveratheraphy

Race & Diversity Books

*all commissions I make when you purchase from this page will be donated to Color of Change.

Race & Diversity Books for Kids