Rugs in Our Home – Everything You Need to Know

Lulu and georgia rugs

Popping to let you know that all our rugs are 25% off! Lulu & Georgia is having their anniversary sale and it’s kind of a big deal. Rugs rarely every go on sale, so if you’ve been eyeing any of my rugs or are in a need of good area rug, now’s the time to jump on it. I’m sharing my thoughts on all our rugs below.

All Rugs Are Currently 25% Off!

Something to remember – all wool rugs shed, it’s natural. When we first ordered all of these rugs, I hated the shedding and felt like I couldn’t sit on them because my clothes would be filled with white fabric. Over time, I sort of forgot about it or got over it. The rugs do shed and with the dogs running on them, it makes it even worse. We vacuum A LOT and it makes for even more cleaning, but I guess it’s a good excuse to clean up more, lol. Even Mike’s OCD cleanliness has dealt with them (although he hates them).

West Elm Mid-Century Velvet Dining Chair

Lulu & Georgia Paige Stripe Rug in Zebra  6’7″x9’6″

I love this rug! It doesn’t shed, it’s soft, and it makes such a statement. The classic black and white stripe rug is actually hard to find (trust me, I’ve done my research). Either the stripe size is wrong or it’s not a true white. This one is perfect!

Lulu & Georgia Lyndie Rug in Off White 2

Lulu & Georgia Lyndie Rug in Off White 9×12

I now have owned this rug in 3 different sizes. We had this rug in our old master bedroom, but it was too small for our spaces in the new house. We ended up ordering a 6×9 for my office and 9×12 for the master bedroom. Out of all the rugs, these one sheds the most. Mike hates them with a passion. But, I just love the look and the way it brightens up the rooms. Bright white or cream is actually hard to find when it comes to rugs. They’re all very dull and beige. I’m hoping enough wear and vacuuming will help with the shedding.

Lulu & Georgia Destiny Rug in Natural

Lulu & Georgia Destiny Rug in Natural 9’6″x 13’6″

Of all the wool rugs, this one sheds the least. It’s not the softest rug on the planet, but I love the color, texture, and print. Probably the closet thing you’re going to get to white, too.

Lulu & Georgia Tabia Rug in Wheat

Lulu & Georgia Tabia Rug in Wheat 7’6″x 9’6″

This rug is actually Mike’s favorite rug in the house. It does shed, but the texture is really fun and it’s super cushion-y on the feet. It shed A LOT right when we got it, but it’s calmed down quite a bit since. The colors are a cream/white and a true gray in person.