The Art of Gift Giving – My Tips to Buying Great Gifts and Taking the Stress Out of it

Nordstrom Holiday gifts

Gift gifting has been a hot topic in our household, but I will save that post for another time, lol. If you’re still in the process of checking off your holiday shopping list, I’m sharing my tips to buying great gifts and taking the stress out of it. I’ve become pretty savvy at this since I’ve had quite the practice over the years (plus, I cover it for work). I’m all about planning and shopping in advance, which is hands down the number one way to take the stress out of it. But, I know that’s not the reality for everyone. Read on for my take on the art of gift giving.

Tips to Buying Great Gifts and Taking the Stress Out of It

  1. Make a list of people you need gifts for and set a budget (I love Google Sheets for this)
  2. For each person, think about their interests and buy along those lines – I like to think about the first 4 words that come to mind when I think of that person. 
  3. Buy what the person needs or will use – think of their hobbies, where they live, a trip coming up, etc. 
  4. If they don’t need anything, think about what the person likes, but wouldn’t normally spend money on (could be an experience as well). 
  5. Always provide a gift receipt. 
  6. Shop online!!! – This really takes the stress out of it. Shop at reputable sites with great shipping rates. 
  7. Bonus – order from sites that have Brick and Mortar stores as well. This allows for easier returns or exchanges. 

The number one place I go to for my holiday shopping is Nordstrom. I do all my gift buying online and that alone takes the stress out of it for me. They cover gifts for everyone on your list and you can search for gifts by price. Whether you’re looking for last minute stocking stuffers or THE gift for your significant other, Nordstrom has it all. I love that their selection covers needs and wants. Maybe your uncle needs winter gloves for his upcoming trip or maybe your sister wants the latest coveted Ugg boots. You really can’t go wrong with gifts from Nordstrom. Nordstrom offers free standard shipping, $12 for two business days, and $20 for next business day. Another perk about gifts from Nordstrom, returns and exchanges are so seamless. 

Dates to Note

Dec 22nd – last day for free standard shipping
Dec 23rd – last day for U.S. next business day shipping

I’m sharing my favorite gifts to give below. I’ll just say, you can’t go wrong wit Ugg, Nike, Zella, or Barefoot Dreams blankets in my family!


Special thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post.