The Boo Challenge

Target Stripe duffle bag

Adidas boost shoes

Target ActivewearPhotos by Natalie Dressed

 C9 by Champion zip up // C9 by Champion leggings // Adidas Boost shoes // Target stripe duffle bag (same style)

It’s the Boo Challenge Round II! Remember when Target challenged me to take Mike to Target and have him create a head-to-toe look that truly represents my personal style? Well, we’re at it again, but this time we’re tackling workout wear. This resonates a little better with Mike as he’s very particular when he shops for his own workout clothes. Seeing as though we consider our workouts together much needed quality time, this shopping trip was extra special!

Mike answered some interview questions about why he chose this outfit:

What was the inspiration for this outfit?

Crystalin and I used to workout together often. Our busy schedules don’t allow for this anymore, so when it does happen, I cherish our time together. It’s one of the only times throughout our day with no distractions (no phone, no Instagram), where we can laugh, goof around, but push each other at the same time. With that being said, I wanted her outfit to be functional, comfortable, and stylish. I wanted to pick pieces I know she’ll wear over and over again that will also work well with her existing closet.

Why did you choose each piece?

Top- She always wears black workout gear, so I wanted her in some color. This bright blue is fun, but not overly girly.

Bottoms- She has a tough time finding full length leggings that fit her petite frame, so I was on a mission to find something that could work for her. These Target leggings were perfect and they’re nice quality.

Bag- The bag tied the whole look together and really shows off Crystalin’s favorite, and dare I say most overly used print, stripes.

What do you like about the final look?

It’s functional but shows off Crystalin’s style at the same time. It includes some color (which I prefer her in) and still incorporates her personal touches like the matching shoes and stripe bag.

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