The Boo Challenge

Hipsters for Sisters flat belt bag

J.Crew pumps

Merona blazer

Daniel Wellington watch

Mossimo moto jeans

Mossimo Legging Moto Jeans

Merona Tan BlazerPhotos by Natalie Dressed

Mossimo tee // Merona blazer // Mossimo moto jeans // Hipsters for Sisters bag // J.Crew pumps // Daniel Wellington watch (get 15% off with code CRYSTALINMAIRE)

I’ve teamed up with Target to take on The Boo Challenge. What is The Boo Challenge you ask? Basically, you take your boo, Mike in this case, to Target and have them create a head-to-toe look that truly represents your personal style. I’m not going to lie, this was pretty scary. Mike understands my style pretty well, but to have him dress me (I don’t even let a stylist dress me), is taking me completely out of my comfort zone. With that being said, I’m up for any challenge and what better than to have the closest person to me interpret my style.

Mike answered some interview questions about why he chose this outfit:

1. What was the inspiration for this outfit?

I wanted her outfit to represent her personal style, casual, laid back, and neutral, and include some of her favorite pieces.

2. Why did you choose each piece?

Tee- Crystalin wears tee shirts all the time. She may have 100 white tees, so this seemed fitting.

Skinny Jeans- She’s been wearing looser fitting jeans lately, so I wanted to see her in something more form fitting. These have a more edgy look to them with the detail on the knees, which is very Crystalin. Also, I picked these out for selfish reasons, I love her in skinny jeans.

Blazer- I chose this blazer because of the color and as a layering piece. Crystalin always needs a jacket and while it may be a style thing, it could be because she’s always cold. If she’s not wearing a jacket, there’s always one tucked away in her bag.

3. What do you like about the final look?

I think the final look came out well, surprisingly. All the pieces fit well in her closet, she’s wearing some of her favorite pieces, and there’s absolutely no color, which is always a win win for her.

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