The Most Convenient and Sustainable Online Shopping Service with Olive

I’m so excited to bring you a new shopping service from Olive. Olive is an eco-friendly shopping service that lets you shop 100s of your favorite fashion sites and you’ll get consolidated, cardboard-free deliveries on a scheduled delivery day in secure Olive Shippers. Any returns simply go back inside the shipper – you request a pickup and Olive handles the rest. If you’re an avid online shopper, this service is a complete game changer – no more cardboard boxes to break down and SO much better for the environment!

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 is to add the Olive Chrome Extension to your computer or download the app.  Add everything to your cart, and when you’re ready to check out, Olive will pop back in to help you checkout. One of the things I love about Olive, you only have to enter your credit card and shipping information once (on your Olive account) and everytime you checkout, it pre populates all your saved information. No more entering your information at every retailer!

Your items make their way from the retailer to Olive’s Consolidation + Recycling Hub, where they unbox and consolidate them into an Olive Shipper. And the cardboard packaging they came in? Olive ensures that it’s recycled professionally – that’s not always the case when you throw it into a recycling bin at home.

With Olive, you get everything delivered all at once on your designated Olive Day. It’s the same day each week for easy planning. By consolidating multiple items from multiple retailers into a single shipper, Olive reduces the number of visits to your home. So it’s more convenient for you AND better for the planet.

Now it’s time to try everything on! It’s basically like you brought the department store to your bedroom, so you can try on those multiple sizes in the privacy of your own home.

Simply drop anything you don’t want in the Olive Shipper, request a pickup, and Olive will swing by to scoop! Love everything you got? Just collapse and fold up the Olive Shipper, schedule a return pickup, and leave it for your mail carrier.

As someone who gets packages daily, Olive is a game-changer! Getting all my packages consolidated is such a blessing and the fact that there’s nothing to breakdown is HUGE (Mike is a huge Olive fan, lol). I recently snagged a beautiful sweater from Alex Mill (perfect for fall), wish-list Aquatalia slides, and a few pregnancy goodies from Hatch. 

Olive is a completely free service to use and I couldn’t recommend them more! It’s easy, convenient, eco-friendly, and takes care of all those unwanted boxes we don’t love about online shopping.

Special thank you to Olive for partnering on this post.