The Utility Jacket

{H&M utility jacket (similar), Gap button down + DIY jeans, Out of Print Clothing sweatshirt, Sam Edelman booties, vintage Coach pocket bag (new version)}

I had been looking for the perfect utility jacket since I missed out on the Gap one from last year. It needed to be soft but still rugged looking and oversized but not overwhelming. I’ve been patient considering I have two other similar jackets in my closet… one thing I’ve learned about shopping, if you’re looking for something specific, DO NOT settle. You won’t be happy until you find it and you’ll end up with a lot of the same thing just sitting in your closet.

A couple weeks ago I stopped in at H&M for Mike and randomly stumbled up this jacket. The color is light, but the material is incredibly soft. I love the length, cinched waist, large collar, and detachable hood. I swear, sometimes it’s best to go in with no agenda… you always end up finding the best things!