Top 10 Baby Toys we Actually Use

Our Top 10 Baby Toys

Finally, a post on all of Harper’s favorite toys! After putting this post together, I realized it’s not the most fun post. All our toys are very BASIC, lol. Nothing really exciting over here. As mentioned before, we try to keep Harper’s toys to a minimum and nothing over stimulating. I’m planning on getting her a kitchen, but I’m waiting until we start to redo the guest bedroom as her playroom. Stay tuned for updates on that. Harper gets into a lot of random things that are not considered toys, so while this post is very basic, trust me the girl is very busy. Some of the things not pictured in this post that are keeping her very busy – playing with the dogs, playing with my old Instagram magnets, shoe boxes, baby monitor, sunglasses, and my mini blow dryer, lol.

Top 10 baby toys we actually use

Our Favorite Baby Toys

Crate & Kids Push Walker – Harper doesn’t gravitate toward this toy anymore, but she used it a TON when she was first learning to walk. She used it to walk, but also played with all the toys on the walker too. As a parent you never know if your child will like a toy you invest in (not cheap), so the fact that this got a ton of use, was so nice. It’s held up really well too, so we may end up selling it.

Bannor Toys Deluxe ABC & 123 Blocks – I was initially excited about these blocks for when Harper is older and learning her letters and numbers. But, we’ve actually used them a ton since around 6 months. We stack blocks and she loves to hang on to a few blocks and walk around. Not the most eye catching toy, but for some reason Harper loves them.

Let’s Play Basketball Book – Harper has recently been obsessed with basketball and she spotted this book at Amazon bookstore when she was with Mike. She immediately reached for it and hasn’t let go since. The size is perfect for her and I think the fact that it’s in the shape of a basketball makes it more appealing.

Van Fleet Animal Trio Books – We love these books! I couldn’t recommend them more. We’ve been playing with them since around 7 months or so. They’re interactive for baby and the words have a  nice jig to them, making it fun to read.

Petite Collage Modern Bunny Stacker Toy – This stacker bunny has been a huge hit since Harper was tiny. We don’t play with the actual stacker pole (too dangerous), but Harper loves the blocks. I can’t tell you what it is about them (the size and maybe the color?) but she’s been drawn to them since she was very young.

OSPORTFUN Shape Puzzle (sold out, similar) – Since Harper loved the round blocks above, I got her some colorful shape blocks. We don’t  use the puzzle box (yet), but she loves staking and holding these. They’re a great size, different shapes, and fun colors. Our exact toy sold out, but I linked to a very similar option.

Wee Gallery Press & Listen Books – More books that we highly recommend. We’ve been reading these since Harper was young. The first 2 we bought the battery has died and we haven’t looked into changing them out yet. We recently bought 2 more and we love them. Harper enjoys the sounds and flipping through the books. The sounds are quite loud and there’s no volume, but fun and cute nonetheless.

PBS Farm Puzzle (can’t find it online, similar) – We bought this puzzle at Whole Foods and love it. She loves the animals – she doesn’t know how to put the puzzle pieces back in the correct spots yet, but we’re working on it.

Bajo Dachshund Puppy Push Toy & Little Rabbit Roller – Harper recently learned how to push theses cars and it’s been fun.

The Original Toy Company Pop Up Toy – I don’t even know why I bought this toy because it literally does nothing, lol. But, Harper loves it! We’ve been practicing putting the pegs in their designates spots. She also just loves to carry these around.