Updates Through Pictures

Rather than write it, I thought I’d show you just what I’ve been up to…

Walking to Polk for some Giants World Series fun.

Hot tea has been perfect for those crisp mornings… especially on the work-from-home-days.

The greatest/bestest/spicest vegan pizza alive; pizza sauce, calabrian peppers, kalamata olives, and drizzled olive oil. Thank you Delarosa. Seriously, to die!

The famous Blue Bottle Coffee at the Ferry Building.  We literally waited in THE longest line ever… but thought it was appropriate,  considering it’s almost been a year since I’ve been living here and I have yet to experience the actual coffee shop, just saying.

We finally put up Tara’s silk screen… it really is perfect for the living room; the colors, and the size. love.love.love (Please excuse the couch’s wrinkled skirt, woops).

Headed out to Drink.Eat.Play yesterday and had a blast with some old friends… and we thought those cups would be too small, pssshhh~

After our 5 mile walk to the Ferry Building, which most definitely included giant hills, some times this is as a good as it gets!

.: Have a fabulous week :.