We Bought a House!

It’s been a process, but I can officially say, we’re home owners! Sitting down to write this post feels so surreal. While I haven’t dreamt of my own home my whole life, it was something I’ve really wanted more recently – probably in the last 5 years. With that being said, knowing our circumstance with owning a small business, I knew there would be hurdles, I knew it would take some perseverance. Some days I even thought it was impossible. Other days I thought I wasn’t deserving. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but I’m so happy and grateful to be moving into a dream home and spending our first holidays with Harper in a home we worked so hard for.

5 years ago when we got Lola we lived in a tiny apartment in the Bay Area. It was a million years old, with popcorn ceilings, and dark as hell. Everyday I would take her out on our balcony and whisper in her ear all the dreams I had for her. I promised her that one day she would have a big house and backyard to run around in. I told her I was going to work hard to get her all the things. You may think it’s a bit silly to talk to a dog like that, but she was my everything at the time (my first baby) and I wanted the world for her. It’s something that has stuck with me ever since. I used it as motivation. That little pup has been through it all with us – the good, the bad, and the ugly (and 4 moves).  So, the day I get to hold Lola in the new house and show her her new space will be a proud moment but also extremely emotional.

Obviously, moving into a home and making it your own is super exciting (hello hardwood floors and white walls), but another exciting aspect of this whole process is the fact that we’ve been able to do it all by pursuing a passion and believing in ourselves. I’ve worked incredibly hard on this blog for many years. Even when I didn’t have a ton of blog traffic or social media followers, I still believed in myself. I wanted this. There has been so many naysayers – from readers to family and friends – but I put my head down and worked. Knowing that I’ve built a business from the ground up and seeing where we are today, in a home, I couldn’t be more proud. I’m so thankful for Mike who has always believed in me, so much so, he left his job to help me build this business. Without that man, we definitely wouldn’t be where we’re at today.

One of the things I’ve always loved about blogging or being a blogger – you don’t have to have a million followers, be Insta-famous, attend hundreds of events, or travel the world to be successful in this industry. There’s space for everyone, you just have to put your head down, work hard, and believe in yourself.

As I sit and write this post, I’m having a pinch me moment. Mike and I had dreams of moving to Oregon where we could work together, start a family, and buy a house. 2.5 years later here we are. When you put it out in the universe and work hard towards your goals, dreams do come true. I’m forever grateful for this moment and I’m so happy we can share it all with you.

We’re doing a couple things to the house before we move in, so stay tuned for updates. We’ll also be sharing way home home decor posts, which I’m super excited about!