Our Move + Decor Inspiration


It’s officially been just over 2 weeks since we moved in and we’re finally settling in and getting back to our routine. There’s still so much to reorganize, style, and buy, but everything is livable, so high five to that! We’re coming from an apartment, which means more space, and more rooms to fill. If you’re anything like me and home decor styling doesn’t come easy, it’s a pretty daunting task. I’ve been pinning non-stop since we got the keys, so hopefully I can find comfort in that.

A little background about why we moved. When we initially moved up to Oregon, we only had 2 days to look for an apartment on our visit. It was in the middle of the holidays and we had limited time, so we were on a very tight schedule. We actually found an awesome place, but knew it may be short term. It was way bigger than any of the apartments we lived in in the Bay Area and it was brand new. It was honestly the perfect transition place and the lighting was everything, ha! As months passed (we’ve been here for almost 10 months now!) we were slowly outgrowing our place. We added a dog, Mike joined the team and started working from the office, and closet and storage space was limited. Right before our trip to Black Butte, out of the blue, Mike mentioned we needed more space. I, of course, immediately jumped on my computer and started browsing around. I knew in the back of my head Mike wouldn’t let us move until after our lease was up in December. Despite knowing this, I still wanted to check our options. I stumbled upon our house and knew we had to check it out. The second we drove into the neighborhood, I had a feeling it may be something we couldn’t pass up.

We took a week to think it over and we decided it was the perfect place for us. There was room for an office, a room to create my dream closet, a guest room, a side yard for the dogs, and a garage for all our storage issues. Not to mention in a great neighborhood and only a year old. It wasn’t the best timing, but we knew we couldn’t pass it up. It’s honestly the perfect little spot to eventually start a family before we’re ready to buy our own home.  

Onto the decorating process. The biggest thing I want to do is paint our walls. They’re currently a beige color with yellow tones, so I’d love to brighten up the entire place with white. Since it is a rental, we’re not sure how much work we want to put into it. If you have any tips on painting walls in a rental, I’d love to hear them. The amount of rooms that need to be decorated is a pretty daunting task, but I’m taking it one room at a time. I’ve made Pinterest boards for each room to help me stay organized. While it’s a scary process, I’ve never been so excited and inspired to decorate. There’s so much potential here, I think I just have to be patient. If you guys have any tips or tricks on how to make it an easier process, please leave your feedback in the comments.

For the past 2 weeks we’ve been in the house, Mike and I have had these pinch me moments. We’ve been wanting something like this for our little family for so long, so to watch it play out, we couldn’t be more grateful and excited. We may not own the house, but it definitely feels like we’re going in the right direction.

I’m so excited to share updates throughout our entire decorating process here on the blog. First up, my closet room and the living room. Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (CrystalinMarieD) for me decor updates… my built-ins for my closet arrive on Sunday (woohoo!).   

D E C O R  I N S P I R A T I O N