Weekend Recap 11

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Anytime there’s a party or holiday on Sunday, I get completely thrown off my schedule. Typically, we’ll leave Sunday to prep for the coming week, so I’m already feeling behind. We also have family in town this week, so I’m supposed to be getting ahead, so you can imagine how I’m feeling right about now. Hopefully those 6 am wakeup calls will come in handy this week.

Crystalin Marie at Tulip farms oregon
Woodburn tulip farm

Visited the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm last week. My outfit details will be on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Wooden tulip festival

Not as many tulips this year because the weather has been so bad, but still wort the trip!

Le Sen vitnamese grill
Crystalin Marie makeup haul

Weekly Le Sen stop  // Did a mini haul of my trip to Loft and Blue Mercury last week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram Stories for more behind the scenes footage.

Crystalin Marie's walk in closet

Mike and I spent Friday night cleaning my walk-in. Why can’t I keep this space clean?

Loft striped sweater
Loft cargo pants

Loft sweater (xs), One Teaspoon shorts (old, similar wash) // Loft sweater, Loft cargo pants

Crystalin's shoe closet

Cleaning and dusting one of my shoe shelves

Granola smoothie bowl
Nars eyeshadow palette

My granola smoothie bowl that’s still probably to cold to be eating right now // Obsessed with this Nars eyeshadow palette

Big Wing vegan cinnamon rolls

Picked up vegan cinnamon rolls for Easter brunch. Wearing J.Crew Factory chambray, Illesteva sunglasses, Levi’s jeans

Vegan donut holes
Big Wig Donut holes

Cult Gaia ark bag, Illesteva sunglasses // Donut holes from Bigwig donuts

The Society hotel portland

Stopped into The Society Hotel for a drink

J.Crew gray hoodie
The Society hotel portland oregon

J.Crew hoodie (sold out), J.Crew denim jacket, Rag & Bone jeans // Stay tuned for this date night shoot we did with Topshop. Wearing Topshop dress, Steve Madden heels, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Pedraza bag c/o

Easter Brunch

Vegan flat bread

Easter brunch // We overcooked the flatbread, but it ended up turning out perfect since the veggies softened the bread.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Friday we ran a bunch of errands, which included a vet appointment. Riley was supposed to be losing weight, but he actually gained a pound. Poor guy. He doesn’t eat that much and Mike plays with him a ton, I can’t help but feel bad for him. Slow metabolism the vet says… We’ve changed his food a bunch of times and now he’s eating something super dry that, I’m sure, doesn’t taste very well. We’ve thought about making our own dog food, but it’s just another thing to add to our plate, so it’s something to think about. Anyone have experience with helping your dog lose weight?

The sun was out bright and early on Saturday, so we started the day with a run. I don’t know if we’ve had a day with clear skies the entire day this year, so let’s just say, Saturday was pretty magical. We had to shoot a couple projects downtown, so we had the perfect excuse to stop by The Society Hotel for drinks and Mediterranean Exploration Company for dinner. This was our first time trying MEC and we both loved it! Lots of vegan options, so we’ll be able to add another restaurant to our rotation (yay!). We also picked up my vegan cinnamon rolls from Bigwig donuts at Tea Bar. I preordered them for our Easter brunch and they turned out amazing. Really, really good warmed up!

We headed to Easter brunch at my aunt’s house on Sunday. She had the yummiest spread, including a couple vegan options, which I’m always super thankful for. Mimosas are one of my favorites, but drinking during the day is always a risk for me. I usually end up way tipsier than I’d like to be and then end up needing a nap, which means I’m out of commission for the entire day. If I don’t have anything else to do that day, it’s fine, but that wasn’t the case yesterday, lol. We ended up spending the rest of the day watching NBA playoffs – so not terrible, but not the best when you’re trying to get ahead of a very busy schedule next week #mybad.

Let’s cross our fingers I can get all my work done before the fam gets here on Wednesday. Time to have some fun!