Weekend Recap

{from left to right: Loeffler Randal Quinnie flats, Sam Edelman Felicia flats, J.Crew Everly pumps, J.Crew Everly pumps, Vince Camuto Hadley booties}

{photoshoot props}

{my new Rovimoss gold tote is perfection!}

{Despite the high heel, I’ve decided to keep these Zara leather sandals. Wore them around the apartment enough to know they’re keepers!}

{Mike brought home wine and tulips after work on Friday. Not pictured is the Thai takeout. Friday night perfection!}

{Went to Ikea with Natalie on Saturday. The office gallery wall is in full prep mode. Large print from is from Pei Design and the top knot print is from Elizabeth Mayville}

{I mean… make yourself comfortable, Lola}

{more of my favorites at Whole Foods}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I didn’t have anything too crazy on the agenda, but it ended up being one of the best weekends in a long time. You know how they say, once you start spending time away from work (and not stressing so much) and living a more balanced life, things start to fall into place? Well, that kinda happened to me these past couple of days. I worked out twice, indulged in healthy meals, spent time with friends, dedicated time to finish my gallery wall, watched a movie, ran errands, and painted my nails. While all this was going on, a couple work projects and personal things fell into place and I could not be more excited!

My biggest takeaway from this is, hard work does pay off and patience, patience, patience. Learn it. As much as I say I need to spend more time away from work, it’s one of my biggest challenges. But, a weekend like this proves it’s a challenge worth taking on.

Cheers to a fantastic week, friends!