Weekend Recap 34

Maison Jules Poncho

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was super productive despite the non-stop rain. If you ever want to know what it feels like for it to rain all day without stopping, come to Oregon lol. Thankfully, we have a couple weeks of dry weather – which for this time of year is a blessing. We’ll see how long that holds up.


Gap tee xs, Aritzia coat xxs, Hatch leggings 1, Gucci loafers 5 (budget-friendly option), J.Crew tote (old), Ray-Ban black aviators 58mm


Wearing all the dresses before it’s too cold! This one is from Topshop and I’m wearing a petite 0


Stopped by my aunt’s for some yummy stir fry noodles.

Anthropologie teddy coat

This coat will be perfect for the winter! I’m wearing a petite xs.

Cupcake jones

Pit stop at Cupcake Jones.

Still trying to get to the gym once a week.

Tired cuddles after a stressful vet appointment. Just a checkup, but they hate it.

casa vaca

Tried new-to-us Casa Vaca in Multnomah Village

A couple things I’m super excited about. Basketball season is back and we just order our NBA league pass. It feels like all is right in the world again (okay, kidding a little bit). We’re big NBA fans over here and this season is going to be a good one with all the crazy trades that went down in the off season (could I bore you anymore?). The other thing I’m excited about – getting my holiday content schedule organized. I asked a bunch of poll questions on Instagram Stories over the weekend, but I should probably ask you here as well. Are you still into Gift Guides? If so, do you like themed or budget-friendly GG? Do you find holiday outfit ideas helpful (like what to wear to Thanksgiving and Christmas)? Maybe you like holiday outfits, but you really enjoy all the seasonal outfits too (outfits showing how to wear scarves, booties, OTK boots, coats, beanies)? I received a ton of feedback about party wear and I’m actually going to attempt it for the first time this year. It’s probably ambitious considering it’s late in my pregnancy. We’ll see how well I can pull this off, lol. If you have any other suggestions about what you want to see on the blog this holiday season, I would love to hear them.

We had our first baby related class over the weekend. It was the hospital tour and man oh man did it make everything very real. I just can’t believe I have to give birth, lol. I know that sounds crazy (hello, you’re pregnant), but you try not to think about that whole process throughout your pregnancy. You don’t want to freak yourself out. I’m hoping by that time, I’m ready and my hormones kick in and I’ll want to just get her out. It’s all still very surreal.  

I also wanted to tell you about some recent coat purchases. I’ve been on a coat binge of sorts. You know how I feel about my petite coats and they’re always hard to come by once we get deeper into the colder months. Since I know things tend to sell out fast, I’m buying up everything early.

Over the weekend I snagged this wool blend navy coat (petite xxs) and teddy blazer (petite xs) at 40% off. BR always has great outerwear, so I have high hopes for these 2.

On Friday I ordered this twill trench and this gray wrap coat at 50% off! I ordered both in a petite xxs. I haven’t been able to find any trench coats like this in petite sizes, so I’m super excited to try this one out!

Since I’ve been ordering so many petite jackets and coats, I’ll be sure to do a full post on everything I’ve bought and kept. Petite outerwear sells out quickly, so if you’re my size, I would jump on the ones your loving.  

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