Why a Closet Full of Nude Shoes is a Good Thing

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I mentioned yesterday how my mentality when it comes to style rules has changed a lot over the years. I was only focused on adding the essentials to my closet and once I’d get one, I’d check it off my list and move on to the next. While I still believe in building a closet full of basics and essentials, there’s always room for trends, seasonal pieces, and those items we love and want many different versions of. It’s not all one and done. Something I’m slowly learning. I had a moment the other day while browsing for new summer pieces. I noticed myself gravitating toward every nude sandal, flat, and pump and for a second thought, I shouldn’t even go there, you already have several pair of nude shoes… but the reality of it is, a closet full of nude shoes is a good thing. They’re the most flattering color on me, they work all year round, and they might be the most versatile shoe color, ever. Plus, there’s so many styles out there it’s almost like you can never have enough pairs.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a closet full of the same color shoes I actually wear versus a closet full of different color shoes I never wear. Feel me? AND, you can never go wrong with nude!

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