Working it Out

Just signed up with dailymile to help keep me motivated, to share my workouts, and be among a community that is dedicated to fitness! Dailymile is a social training log for athletes, runners cyclist, and triathletes; think Facebook for training. My lastest workout will be featured in the widget to the right (follow the arrow) and if you click on the link you can view my workouts for the week. Feel free to leave me comments, questions, or any motivating notes :)

Find training partners in your area and learn about local events, routes, and groups. Whether you love to workout or just started a new year’s resolution, come join the community, “add” me as a friend, and let’s keep each other up-to-date!

p.s. There’s an “app for that.” Electric Mile is the app version of dailymile and allows you to keep up on-the-go, heeyyyoooo!  To find me, search my name, Crystalin An.