Workout Update

I was supposed to post pictures a while ago, but never got around to it (I know, boo!). After almost 3 months of training hard, my body is slowly but surely changing. By centering our workouts around gaining the energy systems (strength, speed, power, endurance), I’ve noticed a huge change in my energy throughout the day =)

We’ve recently incorporated weekly track days to our workout regimen and while on our staycation we did a bit of improvising and took it to a dog park/school down the street.

Track Days:

Doing the following in 100 meter increments: jumping, sprinting, lunging, and what I like to call, walking like a dinosaur (getting really low, with chest out).- if you ever want to lift your tush, these are the exercises, so sore!

The bf has been a bit obsessed with headstands and handstands, so, we’ve also incorporated the practice of our yoga moves.

p.s. having a partner truly takes your workout up a notch!